A Good Horse Racing Tip That Won’t Lay an Egg

A Good Horse Racing Tip That Won’t Lay an Egg

A man walks into a bar with a duck on his head.  The bar tender strolls over and says, “Can I help you?”

“Yeah,” the duck says, “Who do you think will win the third race at Saratoga?”

The bar tender gets a conspiratorial look on his face and speaks in a hushed voice, “The chicken at the end of the bar knows the jockey on the 4 and says it can’t lose.”

The duck looks down at the man and says, “You hear that? The 4 in the 3rd at Saratoga.”

The man with the duck on his head rushes out of the bar to tell all his friends that a certain duck gave him a hot tip in the 3rd race.

A week later the same man walks into the bar with a chicken on his head.


The bar tender strolls over and says, “Hey, what happened to the duck?”

“Well the 4 didn’t win and I lost a bundle on him,” the man says, “So I got rid of that stupid duck.”

“But it was actually the chicken who gave us the bad tip,” the bar tender says.  “If I was you I’d get rid of that chicken?”

“What?  And give up all the fresh eggs?” the man says.

The point is that horse racing tips usually come from sources that are about as reliable as talking to a chicken or a duck.  If you are going to bet a bundle on a horse based on hearsay, you better be ready to lay a lot of eggs.

The best way to find good bets in a horse race is to handicap the race using a good system and then to assign what you think are fair odds to each horse.  Then, see if you can find a bargain in the race, bet on it, but if you can’t, pass the race.  Does this mean you will always make money betting on horses?  Probably not, but you will have a much better chance.

Betting on horse races is risky and you have to think for yourself and use logic and common sense as well as good money management.  A good system is based on probability, in other words, using trends established in the past to predict the future and then to assign a fair value to expected results.  That’s a horse racing tip you can rely on.

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