A Secret Tip You Should Know Before Betting on a Horse

Have you ever gone home with an empty wallet or pockets after betting on a horse?

I understand that feeling. I lost more money than I ever made at the racetrack until I found this simple but amazing secret that can help us to have money in our pockets after a day at the races.

With this sure-fire tip, we can increase our odds of winning and reduce the chances that we will not go home with empty pockets after betting on a horse.

The simple secret is using the horse form system: When we go to bet on a horse, we will need to look at the last three or four results from the horses previous races.To get the results we will look at the codes

The two codes we look for:

If you examine the code from right to left, the first number or letter on the right will be the result of the previous race and the second number or letter on the right will be the result of the earlier race, etc…

1. O =The horse came in at the 10 or above position in the race.

2. 1 through 9 – is the position that the horse finished the race

Now, we search for a horse that has came in second or third in the last race, and placed lower than ten in the previous second and third races so the form will look something like 832, 532, or 753. These horses are what professionals call peaking.

Important:We are looking for a horse where the performance is reaching its peak. We do not want to pick a horse with a number 1 in the last three or four races because that horse has already peaked.

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