Betfred Bonus King Live 26th November 2011


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  1. No, this is not a joke question.

    My friend, 19, had a miscarriage not too long ago. I am not too sure if this affected her too bad or what but these days, she resents anyone who is pregnant and have attempted suicide on countless occasions. What do I mean by this? Well, we used to be in the same office job together, but when one of our fellow colleagues announced that she is pregnant, my friend immediately quit her job saying that she hates the sight of her. Knowing my friend, I am willing to bet that the reason she wants a kid is because she thinks it’s fun. She has always gotten her way since young.

    We have tried talking to her many times and even had to consult a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist recommended that she be admitted to hospital but she insists that she is fine and that she just wants a baby and there’s nothing wrong with that. Help?
    Also, whenever she sees a pregnant women, she gets really angry and sad at the same time.
    We would dump her but we absolutely cannot allow her to have that baby as the result will be disastrous.
    We are at our wits end trying to knock some sense into her.

  2. I think turning him into a little sugar plum might be more memorable.

  3. My 18 year old guy cousin was being arrogant and sexist, when he was at my house and he ran his mouth a bit too much and he lost a bet to me. He agreed that if he lost he would stay at my house for the weekend while his parents were away and do whatever I say. So what should I make him wear…. Should I dress him up as a girly girl cheerleader(blonde wig, hot pink sports bra, tight hot pink short shorts,pantyhose,white knee high high heel boots, and little pink pom poms) and make him shine all my high heels and boots, also have him answer to a bell whenever I ring it, and make him do I’m a Little Teapot.

    OR…..Should I turn him into my sugar plum fairy (tiara, pink leotard, pink fairy wings, little pink tutu, white tights, and pink fuzzy slippers), and make him scrub my floors with a toothbrush and whenever I snap my finger he has to get and start doing ballet to The Nutcracker.

    Please vote he was being arrogant and agreed to it. And if you can come up with more ideas feel free to share. Thanks

  4. I need to go to Moreno Valley first for a few days. Someone can probably pick me up at Ontario or Orange County. Then I will go to San Diego. Is bus a possibility? From San Diego I need to get back to the original airport. OR I can fly into San Diego. Is there a bus to Moreno Valley? Eventually I have to get back to San Diego in that case. Those 3 airports are the best bets price-wise on the short notice I have been given. Any feedback on busses is helpful. Thank you.

  5. abortion is a pathetic way out and that’s a pathetic way to meet women. use a dating service. you really have no standards for yourself. nice job.

  6. Can’t judge your accent but your language structure gives you away as an American in just this short para. For instance, the British don’t use the word ‘gag’ in this context.

  7. Volunteering as an escort at an abortion providers office. The hypothesis is that woman who need abortion services are likely single, and it is a sure bet they put out.
    My friend thinks it’s a good idea because you are helping ensure women’s safety, while at the same time maybe hooking up. I’m not sure. What do you think?

  8. My friend bet me I couldn’t fool everyone at the college we’re going to for a month that I was actually British. Now I have the accent and “where I’m from” information downpat, but eventually someone will ask to see my passport. Can I buy a gag or fake one somewhere?

  9. Welcome to the 21st Century. =.= It’s going to get worse before it gets better.

  10. Because I can’t imagine leaving my husband and Inflatable Gretchen at home. I think I am a sure bet to win with that story about my Nazi grandmother.
    If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s the sponsored question on the Family & Relationships section on the UK site. If they pick you as best answer you win tickets to Disney.

  11. Leave the triplets at home with the boars.

    Go with you, your husband, gretchen & your MIL- it’ll be a blast!

  12. it wasn’t government that was making the risky bets and there has never been a law that forces banks to make loans to unqualified applicants.

    if you wanted a loan salesman know how to find a bank that will make that loan
    they’ll just leave out the shotty interest rate details.

    banks lobby government to loosen regulations. they did then and they are doing it now.

  13. Why do people only want to talk on facebook and text to get to know you? How is that better than face to face? Anyone can say some cute stuff over a text but if they aren’t serious then I bet they couldn’t say it to that persons face. How does anyone expect a relationship to work out that was started on facebook chat? Sorry that was more than one question lol, I was frustrated.

  14. It probably was not the best thing to force him to do this. He is obviously a little too immature to handle a drastic change in appearance. It doesn’t mean he is a gay sissy boy or anything, it just means he clearly was not ready for this. He is human and he is allowed to have feelings, even if they seem babyish to you. At his age, his hair is probably a very important part of his image with girls, friends, school etc.

    However, if he is going to go around making bets like this he has to understand what it is to be a man. In a man’s world, punking out on a bet can get you beat up, laughed at and can basically wreck your reputation. Man rule # 83474- DON’T make bets that you can’t make good on. If you don’t want to shave your head, get a dumb tattoo or jump into a freezing pool at night, DON’T make that bet. Bet for money, points or bet for an object of some kind. Also, don’t pressure other people to make bets they might regret.

    So, doing this to your little brother was probably wrong…but probably hilarious for you! What is done is done. I don’t think you should force him to shave his head again. Once is probably enough. It is his hair and his choice. If he wants to look like wimpy Justin Bieber with long ‘pretty’ locks that he has to wash and condition like a chick, that is on him. He probably HAS learned a good lesson about making bets and keeping your word. You made your point. He probably learned his lesson. So be the mature older brother and just let him be. Good luck!

  15. i bet money on the hardys like when jeff hardy jump off the turnbuckle with a legdrop to the ladder that broke joey mercury nose but the match would be a alot of luch lubre mixed with high flying like prisco with a hurricana to matt to a ladder and running uptop the ladder while the ladder on the rope with a monkey flip

  16. I’m a senior in high school, and my little brothers a 7th grader. Both of us made a bet on a basketball game, where the loser had to shave his head. He lost and had super long blonde Justin bieber hair that he loved. I was thrilled, because I thought he looked like a f*ggot and I would finally get a chance to cut it off. so I told that he had to man up and do it.He was begging me not to make him do it, but I wanted to teach him a lesson. so to make him do it, I tricked him and told him that Id just make them cut it short with scissors.he reluctantly agreed and I took him to the barbers. On the way he asked me, “just with scissors, right?” I nodded. We got there, we signed in, and I told him I’ll tell the barber what to do. Once it was his turn, I had to give him a push to go get in the chair. he sat down, and was breathing heavily. The barber put the cape around him, and starting running his hands through my brothers hair. he said,”what are we gonna take it down to?”my brother looked at me,& I said “shave it” My brother was horrified and looked like he was going to burst into tears. The barber raised his eyebrows, and asked my brother,”really? You sure?” before he could answer i repeated myself “shave it” He asked me what guard number. I said no guard. And he said,”alright, say goodbye to it son” and turned on the clippers. My brother jumped. I told him Sorry, But a bets a bet, and he can’t pussy out. when the barber put the clippers on the top of his forehead and shaved off his bangs, tears formed in his eyes. Once it was over, the barber told my brother,”sorry” Once we got back in the car,he started bawling and I just told him be a man and get over it.I had been forced to get buzzcuts for football before,so I thought it was no big deal.I already have a #1 buzzcut, so it’s not like I could cut all of my hair off too. But he’s just overreacting right? Does he just need to get over it? Should I keep buzzing him too make sure he’s not gay and mans up?

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