Creating a Welcoming Online Environment


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20 Responses to “Creating a Welcoming Online Environment”

  1. If your going to play ball, you MUST be confident in your game or ur toast…just softly place it in the square and it’ll fall right in…

  2. sup a 14 year old basketball player that is going to try out for the high school team once I’m a freshman. i have great long distance shooting but when i try to hit the lay-ups i hesitate on the number of steps i take to the basket.

    tips anyone?
    thanks but idt its the confidence too much. im a great shooter but something just tangles me up when i go for lay-ups

  3. I’d go with peel a’n stick linoleum tiles. They allow you to go at your own pace. They are easy to cut and mold around the toilet if you start right. They can be dry fitted -in place- well before you make them permanent.They are cheap enough to discard if you make cutting mistakes. They are now very durable once installed. Excellent techniques,tools and materials for calking around the bath area will highlight a job well-done and bring satisfaction and positive feelings with every use.

  4. Is linolium the least expensive way? It’s a rental, so
    I just want to brighten up the place with out spending a fortune…The sheets of linoleum were about 25 dollars, however, it looks like if you make a mistake, you’re SOL.
    Would you please explain the process? It looks like you just measure and follow the lines on the back, but I’d love some advice from some one who’s done it.

  5. If you already have long nails, they can just put the acrylic on top of your nails and paint them however you want them. If you want white tips they can paint them that way for you. I get mine done like that alot because I don’t have to worry about popping a tip off. It is my real nail underneathe the acrylic. I hope this helps you!

  6. i would like to have mine done but I dont want my natural nails cut or filed down.
    can this be done?

  7. For class, we are making autobiographies. They need to be presented well and we are given a scrapbook, we need to cover it up in any creative way possible but I’m not sure what to do…

    Also, how many pages is too many? I have most page ideas written down and they require to a total of 47 pages. I’m not sure if that’s too much for the teacher to mark…?

    We also need to like of a poem
    for friendship…

  8. It depends on the kind of album. I usually like 30 -40 pages in my albums.

    For quotes on friendship, go to Go to index then “f” for friends and you will be very happy with what you see!

    When you are done with that, for LAYOUT ideas for your pages, go to then “project center”at the bottom right for tons and tons of free ideas.

    Good luck! Great project!

  9. I have layed lots of block , brick, and stone. I think mortar should be used. Using mortar you can build staight up regardless of how poorly the stone fits together. The biggest mistake rookies usually make is mixing the mortar too wet. It should be the consistency of wet beach sand. Always slop double the motar needed on before setting the next layer. Press the stone down into position and the excess will squeeze out. Polish off the joint with a wet metal tool for nice joint appearance. limit the work to 4 or 5 stone layers and let it set overnite before adding more layers

  10. I had a friend lay some for me, and they look horrible for lack of a better word. Now I want to try to do it myself. Help!

  11. I am not personally familiar with the brand EZ Strip oak flooring, but if you have never done anything like this before, then I see it as you have two options: You can hire a proffessional to make it look like it was done by a proffessional; Or if you are hell-bent on doing it yourself (my personal preference), then try first reading the directions. My Dad told me “If all else fails, read the instructions!” He also taught me when you do things like this, if possible, start in a closet or an inconspicuous place and once you get moving, you might get the hang of it. Installation of this stuff is trial and error. Also remember the old addage “measure twice, cut once” Good luck. I wanted to add that more than a few times the choice of materials will dictate the end result. If the price is cheap, then there’s a reason it’s priced cheap. Do a little shopping, price comparison. Ask questions at the home stores. (Tip: Look for the guy that looks like he’s been around for a while to ask a question to. I wish all the best to the local high school kids that actually have a job, but they are most likely at the beginning segment of their learning experience!)

  12. I am going on my first cruise next month for 7 days (Carnival, Western Caribbean). Could you please give me an estimate of how much I should expect to lay out in tips? I am sharing my cabin with my cousin so I would be splitting the tips with her.

  13. The average is 10.00 a day per person. My husband and I paid 140.00 for 2 people on a 7 day cruise. You should do 70.00 and your cousin 70.00. If you did not get that good of service, you can lower the amount. It is really up to you.

  14. I need to pull up a section of wall-to-wall carpet to put a layer of polly over some dog pee stains on the sub-floor and I’m looking for tips on how I can be sure to lay the carpet back down as tightly as it was when the installers put it in.

  15. Depends on how large an area you have to pull back. If it’s only a small section of the carpet, you may not need to use a kicker. Be careful not to crease the carpet when you have it folded back by stepping on it or leaning on it, etc. Do what you have to do then just use your feet to kinda stretch it back into place. Once the carpet is down, use a rubber mallet to press it onto the tack strip. If you don’t have one, you can walk on the edge and do the same thing. Then take a large putty knife and push the edge of the carpet down between your tack strip and the wall.

    But why are you using a piece of poly to cover the stain? You can use a primer/sealer like Kilz or Bullseye to seal the stain to keep the smell out and keep the stain from getting to your carpet. It will do a lot better job and it’s a permanent fix.

  16. It’s a plain pattern but there are a couple of door entrances and a set of stairs that are carpeted.

  17. 1. the number one mistake with vinyl is not sweeping the floor well. even the tiniest grain will work its way thru. Remove baseboards..they will cover most minor mistakes later.

    2. Lay it out first, without glue, make some pre-placement cuts so it will lay down faster after you put the glue down…don’t try to cut to exact fit at this stage.And when you cut , cut at 45 degree angles

    3. put the vinyl down then roll 1/2 of it up and put the glue down…don’t put the glue on too thick.

    4. after glue..lay the vinyl down and smooth toward walls with hands…then do the other side when you are convinced that the pattern is running true and square.

    5 At the carpet areas..cut the vinyl long so it will extend past the carpet…lift the carpet strip and run the vin. under it and re-attach the carpet…try not to distort the metal strip or you may have to replace it..

    6 Door ways…cut it long at doors too…buy metal edge strips for those area…metal strip should ( from vinyl side ) end at just under 1/2 way thru doorway. Use a metal straight edge when cutting you vinyl.

    7. Don’t panic.

  18. I have a 2 year old chocolate lab.he is a crazy but eager to please dog.I need training tips!!

  19. I would recommend taking him for a long run or playing hide and seek for a while. Then, when he is tired out and looks like he could just flop down and sleep for the next week and a half, take a treat and lure his nose down towards the floor. Draw the treat away from him if all he does is sniff it excitedly, and an encouraging hand pushing down on his rump wouldn’t hurt either.

    That’s the lure method. It will in time teach him to lie down as you add the cue (the word that means “lie down” such as “DOWN” or “DROP”), but it will take longer since he’ll just be thinking about the treat and not what he is doing. Here is a clicker method that takes more patience, but will actually work faster and get him to think.

    If he’s not trained to the clicker, train him to it. A smart dog like him shouldn’t take more than three or four days. Look up “charging the mark dog clicker” for more info on this. Now play with him as described above until he is tired, then get out your clicker and some treats. When he lies down BY HIMSELF, click and jackpot – meaning give him four or five treats, one at a time, praising enthusiastically. The purpose of the jackpot is to really bang it into his head, “YES! THAT WAS CORRECT!” Don’t jackpot every time – it’s supposed to be like a nice surprise that he gets every once in a while.

    When he consistently lies down for you when he sees the clicker or treats, start adding in the cue. Say “down” (or your chosen cue) as he lies down, then click and treat as usual. Continue with this, saying the cue increasingly earlier, until he will lie down on cue. And there you go!

    Remember to train with distractions once he has learned the behavior and correct him for disobeying by putting your foot on the leash and pulling his head down sharply. If he can lie down under distraction, you can be certain he knows the command.

    Best of luck!

  20. I’m adding 2 square columns to my Limestone porch. They are made up of multi layered levels consisting of one piece, then 4 smaller pieces on top then one piece, ect… I’ve never used mortar and would like some help on how to do this in the easiest way possible.

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