Everything You Need To Know About International Horse Racing

Known as the “Sport of Kings”, horse racing has been around for approximately 400 years and has always been closely tied to the rich and powerful. An equal mix of adrenaline and seed, International Horse Racing highlights the courage, beauty and strength of the horse and jockey. This essay presents information on the history of racing and covers some of the world’s most prestigious events.

While horse racing is undeniable an ancient sport, the roots of modern Thoroughbred racing began in the mid 17th century the establishment of oval tracks, such as the Newmarket track on Long Island (not to be confused with the famous Newmarket track in England). Within a short time, tracks began to spring up across the United States are Europe. Thoroughbred racing was gradually introduced to other countries through European colonization.

In modern races, three different surfaces are used: synthetic, dirt, and turf (or grass). There is a lot of controversy surrounding the use of dirt vs synthetic surfaces since they act very differently, even though they look the same. However, most major tracks, especially those in Europe, are making the switch to synthetic in hopes to avoid racing injuries. Many different distances are features with the shortest races, known as sprints, only measuring a few fractions of a mile, whereas the longest races cover a grueling one and a half miles.

Composed of 3 races: The Kentucky Derby, the Preakness, and the Belmont; the Triple Crown is one of the most challenging and most famous racing series within the United States. Only three year old horses are allowed to compete in these races and winning all three in a single year is a nearly insurmountable challenged. The last Triple Crown was won by Affirmed in 1978.

The birthplace of Thoroughbred racing, Great Brittan continues to be an important center for the sport. During the year, several prestigious meets are held such as the Epsom Derby at Epsom Downs and the Coral-Eclipse meet at Sandown Park. Of course, several other European countries also have formidable racing industries. One notable example is France, where the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe offers more purse money than any other race in Europe.

Within Asia, Japan arguable has the most developed horse racing industry. With more than thirty tracks, this sport is extremely popular and prize money is extremely generous, especially for the large stake races. Run every November, the Japan Cup is the country’s most important race and covers a mile and half over the turf.

In recent years, horse racing has become increasingly popular in the United Arab Emirates with the establishment of several important breeding operations, training centers, and international horse meets. The Dubai World cup offers 6 million dollars in prize money, making it the richest horse race in the world.

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