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  1. I don’t know why but I feel the need to spill this out.=D
    I love love love Harry Potter. I literally gobble up the books. I know almost every single spell Harry knows. Except I can’t do them. Yesterday I spent almost 5 minutes to levitate a feather like Hermione had done. I didn’t have a wand (not like I expected to have one) so I first used my finger and then a stick. I concentrated as much as I could and said “Wignardium Leviosa” over and over- I bet I looked like a lunatic. And guess where I did it?- In the school canteen. And today, I felt too reluctant to get the remote, so I stared at it and said ” Accio Remote” and I could have sworn it moved- except it was my brother’s doing. I can’t help but believe I must be magic in some way- and then feel silly for believing so much in something which is clearly a product of someone’s imagination. :) And then I have fantasies about the Hogwarts owl being late in delivering my acceptance letter, and imagine that I happen to got to platform 9 3/4 and got on the Hogwarts express- and then Dumbledore sees how dedicated I am and then turns me into a witch. Impossible stuff. ;D
    Now I’ve cleared my head- but I’m worried. What if Yahoo!Answers is like Tom Riddle’s diary- and anything you tell it helps it get stronger- and sucks the life out of you? Impossible again. Kay, bye!
    I’m 11 btw : and the spell stuff- I know it won’t work, but I do it anyway.

  2. Ok. I have liked this guy for 3 years now, and finally decided I should ask him out. All his brothers think he likes me, and all these honest girls which are friends with me and him, tell me that he likes me and stuff. He always sits with me and talks with me whenever he gets the chance too. So, I got one of my friends to ask him out for me. He said maybe… I find out in a few days.. but what do you think he’ll say…??? Anyways, umm.. everyone I know thinks he’ll say yes. And they all think, that if he does say no, its because his parents are strict, and might not let him have a girlfriend. 2 guys had a bet thing with me, if the guy says yes, they will buy me an ice cream, but if the guys says no, I owe both of them an ice cream.. what if the guy keeps saying maybe?? I will keep you updated..

  3. years ago I was passing a jehovah witness kingdom hall ( a house of delusion if ever there was one ) when I saw two of the cult members ejecting some boys aged about 11 or 12 years. one of the boys said ” I’ll bet those twats would refuse to let Jesus in if he asked ‘em”

    and on a t.v. programme about the more extreme religious cults a mum and dad were explaining why they were letting their child die in pain because THEY didn’t believe in giving medication claiming that their god would provide comfort. An audience member asked the mum if she had got the spectacles she was wearing on prescription? The mum turned a bright shade of puce and couldnt answer.

  4. I’ve been gambling on horse races for awhile now, a little over a year. I never exceed my paltry gambling allowance each week, and I limit time I devote to it. Doin great in that gambling is not an addiction for me or money problem. Damn sure wish I could win some though lol. Actually I have a very good system: I surf the races on twinspires tv looking for horses that are 20/1 and that stay with new odds, you know the ones that change every second, if they stay 5 or below the whole time on twinspires tv til the start of the race that horse will come in first. It works often and with betting the longshot I can miss some. It’s a great system and would win me money over the long haul if I were more patient lol. But the thing is man I’ll not find some for like 20 minutes, find one miss, bet $2 again win, then I’ll be excited and bet like 3 in a row that I know don’t fit my system. I’ll lose, start back over at $2.00 and pretty soon I’ll exhaust it and have to start over next week. Sports betting appeals to me I guess in the same way that it appeals to everybody. Oh man like LSU plays northwestern state next weeek in football, oh ill put all those types of games in a 10 team parlay and win with 150 to 1 odds. A top ranked NCAA I team playing a NCAA IAA or Division II almost always comes out the winner unlike horse racing where the favorite wins 1/3 of the time. With Parlays with heavy favorites like that man I’ll win often. I’m guessing the casino already knows this and will not offer those blowout games even with bad odds like 1:1/100 or something. LIke the caesars in windosr. They don’t even offer NCAA football I believe. Thanks for hearing me out yall.

  5. Im sure there some truth to Gary busey brain injury. But by the same token I think he’s playing on others for his accident leading on people that might buy into this. As you have seen he seems to straighten up in the board room and follow the questions and is fast to understand the process. Not to say he’s not a bit quirky but he plays it up to his benefit when needed. Marlee said he’s a nice man she can vouche for him. I think he can turn it on when he needs to and other times he can play dumb and bewildered in certain areas as he has found it works for him in these areas. so to answer your question its a bit of both Garey uses it for an advantage while others think its a disadvantage and the sob sorry he’s a bit off the mark due to the accident. BUt he knows what he’s doing. Did you notice he took the opportunity when speaking with the sun tan lotion people to sell himself out as a product and celebrity for there product if they needed it. If he wasn’t all there he would not know when that opportunity existed and go in for planting his seed. He would be oblivious to it and just talk on about the project. He was smart enough to see that there was an opportunity. What he didn’t see was this was not the right time to sell himself. Some companies may like it as it shows he’s a go getter and or he has gumption others like this company dont’ go for such things or pitches when its not in the right atmosphere.

  6. I just started dating a senior at my school, and I am a sophomore. We truly like each other, its not one of those stupid 3 week relationships. He comes from a real christian family and he completely respects me and I respect him, and we are very honest with each other. But all his friends are giving him crap for dating me and so are my friends, saying stuff like “oh don’t get arrested, you guys are illegal” or “hows your fifth grade girlfriend?” and people will say to me “I bet he has all the wrong intentions, try not to have sex” just stupid stuff like that, and its so frustrating, is it really that weird to have a senior boyfriend?

  7. I’ll be 19 in 3 weeks, and I have a 94 honda accord and that finally broke yesterday. So now I need to buy a new car, or rather a newer used car. I have my eyes set on a 2007 Mitsubishi eclipse. The price of the car ranges from 14-16,000. It’s a certified pre-owned car at a dealership near my house. And I haven’t established much credit, but I do have some. My credit score is 750 right now, and I hear that’s really great. But what I need to do right now is buy a car, because I have 2 jobs and I work about 50-60 hours a week. I haven’t had these two jobs very long but I plan on keeping them because I have bills I NEED to pay so I can’t quit and go back to being a kid and being carefree. So here is my question….would a car dealership qualify me to buy a car with them? Knowing what you know, is that possible? Would my best bet be to go to my bank and take out a loan for the car or what? Not sure how to go about this. My parents don’t really help me much and this is all new to me. Please help me out, much appreciated!

  8. I’ve been looking for a Christmas special for a while and still haven’t had any luck. What I remember about it know is that it is a bout a nightingale tree topper who as lost it’s voice. Several toys have to help the tree topper by going somewhere. I can’t remember exactly where, but I think it’s a safe bet to say the north pole. The toys all ride on this train to the north pole. Some of the toys include a trumpet, drum, and teddy bear. I think there where more toys but I can’t remember.
    It was made awhile back. I think somewhere in the 1980s but I could be way off. I just know that it was before 2000. What’s the name of this Christmas special?
    Thanks in advance!

  9. The country singer guy (John?) said that he thinks that Gary is faking being crazy as a game ploy, and he thinks that Gary is fully aware of what he’s doing because he’s quite sane in the boardroom). People seem to forget that Gary had a really serious brain injury after his motorcycle accident (I bet that he wears a helmet now (lol) ) . He was very adamant about not wearing a helmet prior to his accident. I remember that well. He had a thing against helmets for whatever reason. He was trying to be a rebel I guess. Dumb.

  10. Good question. It all depends on the person. Like you said, everyone has different views. To me, a true martial artist isn’t violent, but has the capacity to be violent. The martial arts were created with the intention of being able to kill your opponent as quickly and efficiently as possible. I know that if I need to, I have no problem with taking a life, if necessary, but I also train so that I don’t have to, or worse, do it on accident. That’s my view, and everyone is different.

  11. I’m in a bet with a friend and I thought I heard somewhere that he had a lazy eye. Can’t seem to find anything about it but your input would help. Thanks!

  12. i mean…… WHAT IS A REAL MARTIAL ARTIST IN THE WORLD. cause, if martial arts are used on how we see fit, ( it really is once you think about it) then why do people say that a real martial artists is this and that? i mean, some people use it in self defense, while others use it for personal reasons. while others pick fights. so wouldnt that mean that there isnt such a thing as a true martial artist? just a imaginative ideal people want everyone to strive for?
    look at things: a true martial artist dont pick fights. um…..we wasnt alive when our martial arts was made. and they are war arts, so using them in a violent way isnt really different than how they was used back then. and think about it, if you was trained in thinking that you are supposed to use your martial arts for violence, then i bet everyone would be violent, and talk down on others who use it as self defense, cause on here, people DO talk down on others if they have a different use of the martial arts. mostly if someone doesnt use it for self defsnse 24/7 then alot of people will call them childish and calling their reason stupid. but i think that alot of people are just concerned about the getting locked up thing and afraid of it. honestly. where did that CRUCIAL fact of life went to? we was born to do whatever we wnt to until we die. AND theres no RULES that say we HAVE to use martial arts in this or that way. the “rules” was made to keep the peace they say. when you forget what you was taught to use the arts for, alot of people would be doing the OPPOSITE on what they preach. all im saying is that, if we all have that ONE THING IN COMMON, WE ARE MARTIAL ARTIST, SHOUDLNT WE GET ALONG WITH OUR DIFFERENT VIEWS ON WHY WE USE THEM? IF A GUY COMES ON HERE ASKING ADVICE ON HOW TO FIGHT THIS GUY WITH A CERTAIN BACKGROUND, WE SHOULDNT SAY YOU ARE CHILDISH AND HAVE NO VIEW OF LIFE IF YOU WANT TO FIGHT SOMEONE, WE SHOULD GIVE THEM THE HELP THEY ASKED FOR. AND IF A GUY ASKS SHOULD HE FIGHT THIS GUY, WE SHOULD JUST SAY, ITS REALLY ALL UP TO YOU, OR IF YOU CAN RELATE, GIVE HIM TIPS ON WHAT YOU DID IN YOUR SITUATION.
    and i can tell that, someone will say grow up, or you have no view of life. IM YOUNG ( 18 YEARS OLD) ANMD IM LOVING EVERY SECOND OF IT. im not going to become a moody adult who talks down on others cause of their different views of the arts. IM LIVING MY MARTIAL ARTS LIFE TO THE FULLEST, I HAVE FRIENDS WHO EACH HAVE A UNIQUE VIEW and uses their martial arts for different reasons.
    and, remember that ONE truth of life. we are all going to die. so live life more open and accept other martial artists.

    Have a good one fellas, and ladies. and live life on what you wanted it to be. ^_^
    or, you can see it as, whats a TRUE MARTIAL ARTIST
    im a muay thai practioner, and i respect EVERYONES choice on how to use their martial art. and i respect your choice in what art you learne dto. NO ART IS GREATER, JUST THE BETTER FIGHTER. AND YES, AFTER AWHILE ON HERE, I SAW A NEW WAY OF VIEWING THINGS. SO TO ALL THE GUYS WHO HELPED ME WITH GREAT ADVICE, I THANK YOU. YOU MADE ME INTO A PERSON I CAN ACCEPT AND RESPECT.

  13. Greetings,

    Hearsay is not a valid form of argumentation in any logical discussion. You present no sound evidence and so your personal rant can be ignored.

    In reality, Jehovah’s Witnesses ALWAYS provide Scriptural evidence, logical explanations and sound argumentation to support their beliefs.



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