Horse Racing Betting – Forget the Horse – Follow the Trainer

In Horse Race Betting the normal approach is to study the form of all the horses in a race and based on this make a selection. Of course other factors can come into the equation such as the comments and tips from the racing pundits and other tipsters, but generally these are all cantered on the horses past performance.

Horses are by nature and with a few exceptions totally unreliable. How well they run can depend on so many different factors such as going, distance, the jockey, time of year and so on. There is little wonder that the bookies are driving around in Rolls Royces whilst we are wondering if we get an extra year out of the Ford Focus.

If you believe that humans are more reliable than horses here is a suggestion on how you can make your racing more profitable. Forget about the horses and concentrate on the trainers. They are very much creatures of habit and by studying them you can often find a level of consistency that can help you find winners.

There are really two ways that you can set about studying trainers. The first is to use the Racing Post Statistics for trainers at each meeting. Find out who are the successful ones at that track, delve and find out which types of races they have the most successes in.

Alternatively you can select a group of trainers who are consistently successful and study their approach carefully. For instance Sir Mark Prescott is famous for producing horses to win in their first handicap races. Unfortunately, because this is a known fact the prices of his first time handicap runners tend to be on the low side. However, there are many other trainers with high strike rates who could be worth following.

If certain trainers send one horse to a distant meeting it is certain to be trying. David Pipe has had considerable success with his travellers especially when the stable jockey goes up for the ride.

There are trainers who have a habit of booking top jockeys for their horses again only when they think they have a good chance of winning.

Look for any specialties, for instance some trainers do very well with their 2 year olds. Others tend to bring their charges on more slowly and they are not seen at their best until they are older. There is one trainer who is renowned for having his 2 year olds runners fir early in the season and he picks up many of the early juvenile races.

By studying trainers and their methods is a way of turning your horse race betting activities into a profit. Below is more information on how you can become a successful punter.

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