Horse racing oddity: incredible stretch run

Horse Racing Oddity

Donnaguska, a first time starter owned by Billy Hays and trained by Joe Woodard, makes a remarkable stretch run to win her debut by two and a quarter lengths at Hawthorne Race Course on October 23, 2008. As track announcer Peter Galassi noted, Donnaguska was “far, far, far, far back” early under jockey Israel Ocampo. The three-year-old daughter of Yonaguska was sent off at 17-1, the second longest shot in the field of nine. She is number three, but for most of the video that doesn’t matter because you won’t see her. According to the official chart she was about 23 1/2 lengths behind at the top of the stretch, meaning she ran her final quarter-mile in roughly :21 1/5.
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Horse Racing Oddity

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  1. libertyeconomics Reply March 1, 2012 at 11:10 pm

    Hockey, soccer, baseball, volleyball and horse racing are my favorite sports.

  2. libertyeconomics Reply March 1, 2012 at 11:28 pm

    What’s everybody’s favorite track? I like the quarterhorses. The QH’s have a special place in my heart, so I would say Los Alamitos.

  3. LMAO wow that was great! Thanks for posting this video

  4. cont from last comment…i also said man…and whatever you do…do not bet hawthorne, arlington, or balmoral….the “graveyard of suckers”….and a guarantee to poverty..dont bet illinois… will get fleeced

  5. man ill tell ya, i was just at wal mart…next door to the track. saw this guy come out. He had no muffler, a donut(flat tire)…and no back bumper….the inside was full of racing forms. It was a shame…that was me 18 years ago…with the speed fig system, broke 1 day after pay day, and couldnt afford to eat….im so glad I saw reality…the other night..this guy was trying to convince me that you can make a living betting on favorites..with a system….I told him to run and dont look back

  6. shut down horse racing…stop the cruelty and the race fixing….the only people who go to the tracks are the low lifers who are never wrong and always broke. the rest of the people are smart enough to realize that they cheat….you are a fool…it’s stupid people who believe it that fill the pockets of jocks, thugs, trainors, and the crooked racing commission as well. Im glad the handles are dying. People are wise to it and go to the casino instead…DIE

  7. @tjjlm444 no kidding. It is common sense. Race fixing has been proven, so why go there? When I read how many racefixing stories are online, dating back to the late sixties…especially “The White Hill gang, from Suffolk Downs.fixing thousands of races all over the eastern seaboard, the harness tracks…all of them,,Calex, Monticello, Freehold..that’s enough for me to matter how hard i try, and no matter with what system, Im going to lose because of theft. SCREW THAT. Why do it?

  8. @alonzoc522 whatever, the racefixing stories are numerous..if you are that ignorant, then that’s your choice. Do you know why you lose your money? because they alter the outcomes. Jocks do it all the time. They caught maywood doing it. Fined and convicted.Monticello, Freehold, Belmont, Hawthorn, Austrailia.yet you still go to the track.u r a sucker. You cant win, and all they get is a slap on the wrists..for stealing the betting public’s money. Dude forget about it. U are the loser

  9. hawthorne fixes races, maywood drivers have been convicted and suspended, for doping and pulling back. Balmoral? oh my god. They fix all the time. All it takes is a small alteration…and your handicapp system is worthless..that’s why im done with it. Illinois has no problem with fixing races. I love the state, but racing is totally corrupt….they look the other way. The sport is dying anyway. Research the race fixing reports online…maywood and hawthorn…save your money and go to the casino

  10. you cant win. your systems for handicapping will all fail.all because of race fixing.they have been fixing races for years.and you go home broke. you have a better chance at the casino.drivers have been caught and the’s all on the net.illinois is the worst.theyve been fixing since the dawn of time.and the commission looks the other way. jockeys, thugs, and insiders are treated like corrupt cops. the fines are a joke, and they get exonerated, after they rob you blind

  11. Nice come from behind win. I am tired of all these trolls that get off the point and talk this and that. If you don’t like racing then shut the fuck up

  12. @jimw350 I disagree with your opinion on DamienZone’s comment because if you look at each individual 1/4 times and especially the final 8th, she came home a little quick but the rest of the field was walking. Pull up the chart. By the time they got to the 1/16th pole, the field was walking and she was still going at a 23 second clip. Very nice but hardly the race of a lifetime. Also, the way he posed his comment makes me think that he does indeed have a clue about horse racing.

  13. Omg she came out of nowhere! Amazing!

  14. OK, here’s the scoop. At 2:20 Donna is dead last. At 2:22 her jock starts to whip her. Notice she is on the LEFT lead and hasn’t changed for the home stretch. At 2:27 the jock gives her a couple more swipes. At 2:30 the jock pulls hard on the right rein, forcing her to finally switch to the right FRESH lead. THEN she has the kick to the wire. Racehorses are trained to switch leads to the new fresh lead for extra kick down the home stretch. She looks reluctant to switch, finally does, and zoom!

  15. No matter what you may think of horse racing, THAT was an exciting turn of events. And I note, I did not see the jockey using the whip on the winning horse. But everyone else seemed to be flailing away at their horses like mad. Maybe that says something about how you REALLY ask a horse to give you everything. It’s not a demand. A really good horse doesn’t need the whip,

  16. @amzingjourney i am a huge horse racing fan but i agree with you totally when money and human element is involved there is always corruption in every aspect of life. now when you are talking gambling even more so it cracks me up when people say pro games arent fixed they make too much money but we are only outsiders looking in we dont know people situations.remember martha stuart a billionaire went to prison for insider trading which netted her 440k she didnt need the money but still cheated.

  17. Thats the kinda spped my horse had. ;) Little known secret.

  18. Fuck u amazing journey you must of lost money in a race or sumthing pussy this shit is better then any other sport

  19. oh yeah, horseracing is on its way out…im glad…..the sport is dying. Im glad. The only ones left going to the track are the bottom of the barrell suckers. the tracks are totally empty. nobody cares about it and the larceny and cruelty to the horses. The activest ended greyhoundracing in just about every state…..the states outlawed the sport…minus texas and florida…… is horseracing…thank god….

  20. doesnt it suck when your horse had the perfect trip with no mishaps..and the jockey decides to just ease up in the final turn, take the rail and do nothing…and it finishes 6th? it is so easy for a jock to keep his horse out of the money. The variations are endless. they make it look so legit every time. The sport is fixed…and you are a sucker who cant show one thin dime to prove otherwise…the illinois circuit is by far one of the most dishonest. Get a ft job and forget about it

  21. ha ha,hey guys.what’s it like to get up every morning and get cheated out of your hard earned cash at the track? Why not just accept the fact that jockeys will and do orchestrate the outcomes for many of these races.meanwhile.your horses are coming in 4th and 5th…sometimes all 3 favorites in a field.out of the money.remember they caught them fixing maiden claimers at bay meadows.and found 500.00 in straight trifectas being bet off track.the jocks make it look legit everytime. get a job sucker

  22. you go horsie!

  23. The slow motion close up was so funny. That first lead horse was being beaten the hell out of by the shit jockey and Donnaguska came tearing past and his jockey wasn’t touching him with a whip! :D


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