Horse Racing Secret – How to Win Big Betting on Claiming Races

Horse Racing Secret – How To Win Big Betting On Claiming Races

Claiming races are usually noticed as the bottom of the barrel in thoroughbred racing. These are races the place a person can declare (or buy) any horse managing in the race for the appointed proclaiming cost.
The higher the proclaiming cost, generally, the far better the horse. If you have horse that runs in $60k declaring races heading against a horse that runs in $8k claiming races – more often than not the $60k horse will gain. Which is a very broad brush stroke clarification but for the functions of this post it really is all you really require.

Now right here are three suggestions you can use to make some money at the declaring races. Although nothing at all is a hundred% or assured, these suggestions truly function and at times can carry in huge priced winners.

Tip #1: The Double Drop. This a single is very powerful. What you are going to seem for are horses that have one or the two of their previous two races for a proclaiming cost DOUBLE of modern race. So if present-day declaring race has horses obtainable for $5,000 and a horse has been working for $10,000 or far more this one is a participate in. A really good participate in would be a horse that has been finishing very last but flashing a small little bit of velocity earlier in the race.

Suggestion #2: Comply with the claimed horses. A claimed horse implies it was bought, this is noted by a modest letter C subsequent to the price tag. One excellent angle is to search for a horse acquired and runs about two-three races over the sum claimed for and runs mattress. Then moves back again to or under the original declaring value. This is a potent angle!

Idea #3: First time into a declaring race. In this angle you will appear for a horse or horses operating in a proclaiming race but have never ever done so ahead of. The should have been working in Allowance races or any race in which they were not for sale. If this race is the initial time they are

Denny Nash is the principal handicapper, and horse racing system author of The Greatest Horse Racing System Ever!, Thoro-Profits, The Rebound System and Bet to Win for a Living. Denny’s books are available at Amazon and other online book stores.

Horse Racing Secret – How To Win Big Betting On Claiming Races

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