Horse racing tips for today! Finding an Edge Against Your Bookmaker

Horse racing tips for today! Finding an Edge Against Your Bookmaker

Article by Dennis Kelley

Horse racing tips for today don’t come much better than this. A concept that you need to grasp quickly when betting on horses is the cold stark fact that not every horse is trying to win! To maximise your potential returns, without solid inside information from the stable you need to learn when to play and when to swerve. You might already consider many aspects before backing a horse to win, from the official rating of a horse to the jockey booked to ride. However a good angle many do not consider is the ‘Quick Returner’ angle, i.e. horses that are running with a penalty the system has allocated a horse for a very recent victory. These horses normally run within a week of a recent win, as the ‘penalty’ is a provisional weight added to the horses official rating until the final assesment. The handicapper only officially reaseses all horses in training at specific times throughout the month. This penalty system means that until the horse is officially revaluated, this temporary extra burden should make it fair to all.You find many trainers are able to ‘plot up’ a runner for a series of wins. For example, they know because the horse is beating a horse rated 87 at home, that the horses current mark of 64 is highly exploitable. Sir Mark Prescott acheives this year in and year out. So much so that often the bookmakers price up a horse race in fear of his runners. He will rack up sequences of victories of up to six in a row with the same horse, knowing that the rating starting point is far below the horses potential.Of course it goes without saying, if you can spot this type of potential in a horse early in its career, you are on to a winner. You do need to get on these selections second or third time out as after this the price becomes restrictive on such multiple progressive winners.Of course not every horse racing within six days after a win will go on to win. All horses are individual and some trainers more adapt at a progressive win sequence than others. Some quick returning horses do not take so well to being raced as frequently as others. So a few will not live up to the task next time out after a hard race, also the form of a previous race is worth much consideration. If the time was slow and horses in behind your potential pick have gone on to run poorly in other races, treat it with care. The opposite can be said if the form is boosted by runners in behind last time out.There are never many situations in racing that you can confidently predict one hundred percent. The Quick Returner (QR) angle is one of them, any horse racing under the penalty system will be trying its best to win the race, and this is the one thing we are looking for when backing horses to win. It is very easy for connections to get their horse beaten on any day, by taking it outside of it’s own comfort zone. If the stable are racing again so quickly under a penalty means they are intent on another potential victory before the handicapper has his or her say!One of the best horse racing tips for today is this quick returning angle. Remember that a sprinter can return very quickly to the racetrack, they can even race the next day. Horses running over longer trips might still need up to one week to return, but even then they can still be considered from this angle, especially when racing under the penalty system.

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