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  1. Okay so i was just reading questions and answers about wearing heels in high school.

    Many asked things like:
    “Is it appropriate to wear heels to school?”
    “What do you think of girls who wear heels in high school?”
    “What kind of heels should i wear in high school”
    and much much more..

    And i was reading the answers, which alot of other high schoolers [ive only seen answers from girls], and most think they’re silly, only party girls wear them, the girls who wear them dont even care about school, there’s no point in wearing them to school, why bother, do whatever you want/wear whatever you want…etc

    And im just like..SERIOUSLY??? Where are these girls living???
    Girls in my town wear heels to school all the time [well not like on a daily basis], but you will see atleast 5 girls with heels on everyday. Like there are many heels to choose from, so just get a pair that matches with the season.
    My school district is actually one of the top districts with the best education/grade scores in my state….and i paticulary go to a high school that is the best in the not alot of failing here…so even the “heel-wearing-party-girls” get good grades [well not all lol]

    As for me, last year i wore heels/wedges like every..other week i think…
    It could be heels, pumps, wedges, boots w/ heels, anything, and i would get compliments on them, guy or girl. I had good grades and high exam/tests scores, and i absolutely LOVE heels! Im actually good at walking in them [ppl even told me i walk like im on a runway sorta, and one of my bffs tested me to walk with my eyes closed and she said i walked in an absolute straight line], and i usually practice how to run in them [you never know when you would need to run in heels lmao xD] and i know when its time to be serious and when its time to play :D [and btw, i wear lots of shoes...converse, gladiators, flats, heels, sneaks, uggs, boots, clogs..etc]

    And some girls asked questions saying the were nervous about wearing heels because they were wondering what others would think about them…WHO CARES?!?!?!?! WEAR WHATEVER THE HELL YOU LIKE! THATS WHAT MAKES YOU UNIQUE! I just dont get it. If you have the style and thinking about wearing heels, and it suits you, go for it! Its not like you are taking a big fashion risk…for example going from wearing emo clothes to wearing preppy clothes. At my school even the emos wear heels sometimes! [but more of the chunkier kinds], and we even have bets where when a guy loses a bet to something they have to wear heels..and they do it too!!! lmfaoo [even more weird a guy came to school wearing heels by his own choice o.O]

    Idk i just wonder about some other people here on Y!A and their school life…i think my school is just awesome like that xDDD we wear whatever the hell we want, and dont give a damn about what someone else wears…we all like the different styles.

    So whats YOUR thoughts??

  2. My friend and I made a bet to see what it takes to become president of the United States, he said that you have to live in the U.S. for 14 years, or 2 parents have to be born in America. I said that you have to be born here, or in American soil. Who’s right?
    Who ever was right, would win “$20.”

  3. And then refuse to listen when I tell them that my beliefs are not my choice. I can no more choose to believe that God exists than Christians can choose to believe that Thor exists. Sure, I can choose to go through the motions and pretend that I believe, but deep down, I still will not believe. It isn’t a choice.

    And despite all this, I bet there are still going to be tons of Christians who are going to answer this question by telling me that it is a choice, as if they know my mind better than I do.

  4. I’m 16. There’s this guy I kinda had a thing for. It was the second time we’ve really hung out, but I feel like I know him. He’s very sweet and polite, etc.
    Well, we were at my friend’s house for a party. We played Never Have I Ever, so I learned he’s never done anything with a girl. Then we played Truth or Dare and I kissed him, and it was really bad but in a cute, naive way. Then he sat down next to me and his friend asked him about this girl he likes right now. He said he wants to ask her out, but he’s never done anything with a girl.
    So I jokingly told him, “That’s okay, I’ll teach you!” meaning kissing and such. We held hands and cuddled and stuff outside for a while.
    Eventually we ended up on a couch together with his sweatshirt over our laps. We were holding hands and flirting, and my hand got progressively higher on his thigh. Everyone else went outside, but we stayed. Between talking and cuddling, things progressed, so I ended up unzipping his jeans, etc. etc…
    He smiled and kissed me and thanked me after and such. Note that I don’t regret what I did with him at all when you answer. We got up to clean off, and when I came back, he was on the lazy boy, so I figured he wanted to figure out how he felt. I just sat on the couch again.
    Then his friend sat next to me with a blanket over us and started feeling me up. Stupidly, I didn’t want to embarrass him in front of his friends, so I didn’t stop him, because I had liked him at the time, for longer than the first guy. Eventually everyone left again and I wanted to stop, but I didn’t. He persuaded me into giving him oral. It’s my second time doing that (not the same guy), but it was awful. He just forced my head down. And when it was over, he wouldn’t cuddle or talk to me, just acted like it didn’t happen. I regret that a lot.

    I found out later that someone bet him he couldn’t get me to do that within five hours. I guess he won. I told him we are no longer friends and I’m not talking to him anymore.

    Now I’m just worried about the first guy. (Man that sounds bad.) I really, really like him, and I wish more than anything I had just spent the rest of the night with him. It was probably a one-night-stand thing with him, which is okay, I just want to know. I don’t know how he feels about all of this at all, but I asked him how it went with the other girl, and she said no to him.

    If someone read this whole thing, please help me out. I’m seriously beating myself up for such stupid behavior, and I’m scared I ruined whatever could have been with the first guy. Thanks.

    Note: I am not a shallow or slutty person. It was a period of slutty behavior which I regret.
    I didn’t have sex with either guy.
    I gave the first guy a hand job.

    I’m a virgin, definitely.

  5. Before judging, read my previous question. So, if I could not help this lab that for the way his previous owner raised him, has become aggressive and killed four other dogs, at least…how do I euthanize him? where do I take him, what questions will I be answering? I have not yet a license for this dog, or vaccines, this is my first time doing this and I don’t want trouble. Will I have to say from where I got this dog? I will try to help the dog and keep him away from my dog, I will try to look for professional help but I probably won’t be able tho afford it. I do have a lot of time in my hands and could dedicate almost the entire day to this dog for the next two month s, thats why I took hI’m hoping to save him, but in case I cant, how is this process. Do I take him to my bet? Do I have to have a license for the dog when I take him in? What do I say? I don’t want to involve the farmer that have him to me, he was also trying to rescue him thanks

  6. ooh wow, you wrote a lott! haha,
    ok, i don’t know why these girls are asking just random people in yahooanswers if they shoudl wear heels. they should talk to their friends if they want to have someones opinion, not someone that coudl be living 2000 miles away. these girls who are asking this care too much about what other people think. they don’t feel confident knowing that one person may not like the idea of them wearing heels.

  7. Because not everyone can be a successful entertainer. There are a lot of entertainers who don’t earn much. You’re talking like everyone can be a entertainer, not true.

  8. You go to college you stress over all the work, you write your 60 page essays when you have entertainers who never experienced that part of life and make millions? You go to school and pay 30-50k a semester or go to state schools and pay 40-50k for all 4 years, for some of you thats more money you will make per year after you graduate. I bet your like 30 years old right now watching little Justin Bieber makes 10 mil a year while your barely getting by.working a 9-5. Honestly that doesnt make sense but it shows a college education isnt everything but to alot of ppl who have no type of skill or anything they need college to survive because college is something that anybody can get because it doesnt take skill to get a degree it just takes dedication.

    To make a long story short you’ll never make more money then these celebrities or live a better life, college is a lie. I dont worship celebrities but its obvious they are not human or regular there in a whole different tax bracket there better you
    Ppl like to compare Justin bieber to aaron carter but when aaron carter was out we didnt have all these social blogs to keep him relevent and he didnt have as many hits Justin Bieber, Me personally i think justin bieber is going to stay making millions because we’ve never witnesses such a kid with such a huge pull since like MJ, Justin bieber has connections with blacks & whites, hes on rappers records, even when his voice matures he’ll still be big, u see his d-riders on twitter? and his record is clean

  9. I dont get paid millions of dollars to toss around a ball all day and I still have to show up for work. Bo woo, “my neck hurts”, if he is going to do all that, they need to make him a free agent. I bet he wipes his tear with $100 bills then burns them in his face shaped fire pit. Colts suck anyway. GO BROWNS

  10. made a bet , now i have to wear girls clothing. but some times that makes me masterbait. should i keep my word and do it? if i should do it how do it without masterbaiting?

  11. This is not a racist question nor am I a troll, I am actually a black guy who was raised by black women since my dad walked out on us and I had to stay with my aunts and female cousins.

    While growing up the majority of black women I met were just mean or straight to the point. I met some talkative spritey ones who held great conversations but overall those were extremely hard to find. It got to the point where I kinda became afraid of black women while growing up. Even my mom was aggressive but I kinda understand why she had to be that way since alot of men burned her and used her. But is this really a reason to always have your guard up and be angry at the world?

    Anyway I am a grown man now going to school full time and working for a cable company. I usually do disconnections and collect equipment to take back to the warehouse. I usually visit 30 homes per day and I have been doing this for 5 years so I think I am qualified to do an estimate or generalize (well at least for the 5 cities I do cable work in).
    I would say 99% of the white women I meet are almost never upset, not only that but they seem super calm and excited. They are great at starting convos and they make me feel at ease while installing cable or disconnecting cable in their homes.
    Same goes for the white men, never really have a problem with them either. They even help me do my work which is weird but I guess they just wanna show their appreciation instead of just watching me.
    90% of black men are super cool, crack jokes while I am at their house and are really nice to be around. The other 10% are either just quiet or sad that they are being disconnected due to not paying their bill. But I never really ran into a black man that threw a fit or treated me like I was inferior.

    Now my black female customers are just a different story. Just today one asked me “what the eff do you want?” when I knocked on the door. Then when I stated who I was she just refused to let me in so I had to disconnect her service from outside. And I am guessing she didnt like that since she came outside yelling and demanding that I reconnect her although she was past due for 3 months. But I am not judging a woman by that type of behavior though, in my eyes its OK to get angry once you have a reason

    What I do have a problem with is black women who are just pissed for no apparent reason. I cant even count how many times I went to a black woman’s house and she just watched me like I was a piece of crap without even saying a word. And when I do strike up a convo I just get one word answers followed by “how long this gonna take?”. Hell I actually came across one so mean that she had the nerve to call me, make me drive 20 mins to her home to collect some HD boxes and modems, and then literally told me she didn’t feel like looking for them so I had to do it for her. Company policy states that a Technician cant refuse to recover company equipment when a customer is giving it up, so its not like I could have told her to look for the crap herself. So there I was walking around her house looking for cable boxes while she just sat there. Then she told me “took long enough” when I found them and of course she told me to let myself out. I NEVER get treated like that except for when i come across a black female customer.
    I just dont know what makes black women act like this, like does it hurt to be kind or even fake it for a couple minutes when someone comes to your house?

    Even at college I experience the same thing, its super easy to talk to any woman from another race but when I approach a black woman she automatically thinks you are tying to ‘holla’ at her so she puts up her guard. Its like they think the world is against them so they have to be mean to defend themselves; when truly no one is against them. I can bet money that if a black women started a convo with me I would be happy to talk back….and I am sure that goes for all other men.
    Just wish black women knew this

    Oh and my cousin has a different theory as to why they act like that, he says its because they think they are too good. That may be the reason as well, either way its just not nice to treat people like crap or walk around angry with your guard up all day. If a judge got down on his knees to help me drill a whole in his wall then I dont see why a black woman thinks she is above anyone or cant be touched.

  12. Sorry to hear that has happened. I would try and sue the trainer who caused this to happen to your horse.
    You could try another trainer that is more experienced and people can recomend to you because your horses problems sound quite serious. Otherwise you will have to start building her trust up and let her know that your not gonna harm her.
    I hope your horse recovers x

  13. I have a 5 year old Paint, she has been broke to ride and had some training when I got her, put her with another trainer for 3 months and the trainer would not allow us to see her until she was done and we could not watch her train her, when we finally got to see the horse she was very sick with breathing,called a vet and she was diagnosed with a bad lung infection that did not happen overnight, the trainer obviously knew she was sick she could hardly breathe,the trainer also let the horse flip numerous times and said the horse did it to herself, sure I bet and only after the trainer provoked her into flipping she flipped many times and now she is partial blind and we are treating her for that and now and ulcer and cataract on her eye from trauma,the horse stayed with the vet for 17 days, and her lungs were clear when we brought her back to the trainers, where we were boarding her, soon within days she was sick again coughing and the Vet was baffled, the place where I keep her has turned into a filthy place lots of dust and horse manure that is piled up and never taken care of,so now we have moved her and her friend and we started riding her again, she is now bucking us off and rearing up almost to the point of flipping…I do not want to give up on her, I know she has trust issues and was abused and now I think the trainer abused her also, we have removed both of our horses from this facility and the one that is now bucking is a lot better health wise but now she has turned to bucking and rearing up worse than she ever did, she never bucked and only reared when we tried to trailer her, which she is fine with all that. I do not know what to do but the trainer knows I am mad because we had problems with our other horse at her place. I just feel hopeless and we have wasted a lot of money on a horse that is now worse. I am just in shock at her behavior and I am going to also sit down and write a letter to the trainer and let her know my references to her training methods will not be nice or favorable. We heard from people who board there a lot of unethical methods she uses but she told us she does not train that way, but it looks like she did, and she lied, now the horse has to suffer…any ideas?

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