How To Plan The Party At The Horse Races

The party at the horse races always seem to be the one event where people are encouraged to wear the most extravagant outfits. These events also seem to attract the attention of the media. In many cases, it is not really clear whether the event focuses on the animals or the colorful guests. Organizing such a party can be different and a lot of fun.

To ensure that the event is a total success, it is necessary to start planning well ahead of time. The venue should ideally be at a racing track, but this is not always possible. Even organizers may decide to host the event at another venue while watching a live transmission of the racing event on a big screen. The first step is therefore to determine the dates when such events will take place.

The real challenge is often to encourage guests to get into the spirit of things. A predetermined theme may help guests to create outfits and accessories that will help ensure a noteworthy event. The focus should perhaps be on extravagant costumes and oversized hats and other accessories. Invitations should be clear regarding the theme.

With everybody embracing a theme, it is often fun to have a variety of competitions. This type of theme certainly caters for many categories to do with the ways guests are dressed. The possibilities are endless. There could be a prize for the best hat, the most colorful outfit and even the best dressed couple. Prizes need not be large or expensive. The whole idea is to create an atmosphere of gaiety and fun.

Experienced event organizers advise that it is best to keep catering arrangements simple and straight forward. This type of event is ideal for setting up a buffet. Drinks should be available at a self help table or bar. There is much that can be done to provide snacks and drinks that fit in with the general theme.

This type of event would not be complete unless guests are able to bet on their favorites. Hosts can easily set up a system whereby betting cards and information regarding the participants are made available. It would be necessary to make somebody responsible for working with the cash. Proceeds can be paid to the lucky winners, but may even be donated to a charity.

The party at the horse races can be a wonderful success with careful prior planning. If all the guests can be motivated to be involved and enthusiastic, the event can be hosted with the minimum of cost and trouble. If the event also raises funds for a deserving charity, everybody wins.

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