Invite Your Friends To The Party At The Horse Races

Joining the party at the horse races can be an expensive affair if you are attending the event at the racetrack. You can create the same exciting vibe with great food, drink, and decorations by organizing a function at home with your friends and family. You can all dress up smartly and watch the big event on TV at a fraction of the cost of buying tickets for the real thing.

Here are some tips on how to organize your event. To create the right ambiance, have a horsey theme. Ask all guests to bring along a horsey gift which can be used as bets. To add to the occasion, put in an order for 2 dozen red roses at least 2 weeks before the party. If these are too expensive, silk flowers bought from a local craft market will be cheaper and work just as well.

Get the tables ready early when the big day comes. Red and white checkered tablecloths adorned with silver cutlery will look very racy. Put some roses or silk flowers in a vase on each table. Add flair by placing a votive candle on every table. The nice thing about these cylindrical candles is that, when they burn, the wax melts into the shape of the holder.

At each table setting, put some race forms, betting cards, and pencils. To produce a western look, tie rope around the sides of the tables. When preparing the buffet table, use another red and white checkered table cloth and lay out the snacks, canapes, sandwiches, and any other eats.

Decorate the buffet table with horse-themed accents like trophies, ribbons, statues, and saddles. You can buy these from one of the numerous websites that offer horseracing party kits. Have subtle music playing in the background like soft jazz or piano. As the guests arrive, show them their seats and then let them mingle with the others.

To get everyone into the swing of things, serve a cocktail on arrival. Martinis are a good choice or, for US residents, you can’t go wrong with mint juleps. These have become known as the traditional cocktail of the Kentucky Derby. Be sure to cater for any teetotalers by having an alcohol-free alternative.

When it’s time to eat, politely encourage all the party at the horse races guests to serve themselves from the buffet table. After this, bet-placing can commence. Keep an eye on the time because you may be enjoying yourselves so much that you forget to turn the TV on for the big race.

A complete horse race form guide will contain a significant amount of details regarding upcoming races. You can obtain free horse racing tips easily and quickly on the Internet.


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