Jockey Cam: A Rider’s Eye View of a Horse Race

Jockey Cam: A Rider’s Eye View Of A Horse Race

Larry Himmel of KFMB recruited Del Mar’s leading jockey, Joel Rosario, to ride a race with a video camera mounted to his helmet. The result is a wild ride and a first for the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club.
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Jockey Cam: A Rider’s Eye View Of A Horse Race

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26 Responses to “Jockey Cam: A Rider’s Eye View of a Horse Race”

  1. just amazing

  2. Super Video and its amazing how that view shows just how fast the ground moves. I was once on board one racehorse which ran away with me and my only thought was…..dont fall off

  3. He’s so tiny :3

  4. shorty!

  5. Met Joel Rosario a couple of times. He is the kindest most humble guy anyone could meet. A true gentleman. Go Joel !!!!!!!

  6. @TheMidnadarkness thats not too tall my friend is 5’10 and was a jockey its about weight not height

  7. u are all retards

  8. That’s my favorite jockey, go Joel!!

  9. @jamesskater100 Well I’ve never been on a horse, so I’ll take your word for it.

  10. @jamesskater100 sweet I weight 115 everyday and my mom does not believe in me that I can be a jockey which makes me mad. I’m 20 years old and I’m a jockey in video games

  11. @msjumpingqueenful ill send a video showing you its hard to explain the person that told you is wrong

  12. @PhantomSephiroth nope its the greatest feeling and thrill ever!!!!!!!

  13. @TheMidnadarkness 5,4 is not tall at all for a jock my dad rode for sixteen years till he got paralyses in his hand and he was 5,10 and he was leading rider in Louisiana and Jefferson downs, Evangeline was always in the top ten at fair grounds so he was pretty succsefull. And im 5,8 and i have a year left till i can ride on a racetrack. Its really not about how tall you are its your weight usually when you are taller you way more but i weight 102 right know and my dad made at least 116 everyday.


  15. grrrrrrr I always wanted to be a jockey but I’m a little tall 5,4 something like that and I’m skinny, grrr that guy is lucky to be a jockey

  16. wakeboardadict8956 Reply February 1, 2012 at 9:28 am

    Was he using a gopro camera?

  17. Ya ik

  18. I keep expecting the back of the horse’s head to smack the camera lol


  20. Slap the other jockey on the ass with the whip to take the lead. LOLOL

  21. I LOVE IT>>>

  22. @msjumpingqueenful yes they use their own tack

  23. @mssunshine94 wrong they ride in their own saddles

  24. damn he is smll….but super coooooooooooool!

  25. @holly13000 There are going to be some horses you may ride that need a whip. It’s not any more abusive than the bits you use. (and bits aren’t abusive)

  26. I love the camera feel it feels like you are right there on the horse with him! Awesome!

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