On Horse Racing Tips and Sports Betting Systems

On Horse Racing Tips and Sports Betting Systems

Anyone who has seriously considered online sports betting as a means of earning a living will have toyed with the idea of adopting some kind of betting system.

A “system”, in effect, is anything that entails taking a methodical approach to betting as opposed to the “jump in and hope” way of the more random, occasional bettor. This might involve limiting stakes to within a certain percentage of one’s bank, backing and laying, or maybe indeed a combination of strategies. At one time or another they have all been tested and tried, with varying degrees of success.

At the extreme end of the scale there is the somewhat ill-conceived Martingale system, which works on the principle that as it is beyond dispute that you will always win eventually, all you need to do is keep increasing your stake every time to incorporate all the losses incurred previously during the cycle. What happens in practice however is that you win a small amount most of the time, then lose it all and a little bit more when you eventually hit an unusual sequence of losses – as statistically you always will eventually – that either leaves you with insufficient funds with which to place the enormous bet you will need to make to recover all your losing stakes, or requires you to place a bet of such a magnitude that no sportsbook will accept it.

It always pays to remember that even when you have flipped twenty heads in a row, the chances of the next flip showing a tail are still only 50-50 !

Of course a carefully calculated approach to online sports betting can be helpful, indeed some may say it is essential to long-term success that you are able to retain a cool head and avoid the temptation to be reckless on the basis of a hunch, an approach that can and often does result in all one’s previous hard work being cancelled out.

But the key to it all is to understand that whichever betting system you decide to use needs to work in harmony with well-researched, dependable information from a trusted, capable source. When you bear in mind that the odds are already stacked against you by virtue of the fact that the bookmaker retains a house edge and doesn’t offer the “true” price, it is necessary to ensure that you have good data on which to base your selections through your system of choice. In horse racing, for instance, no matter how clever your system might be it can never work unless at least some of the horse racing information that you act on actually proves successful.

The secret of success in sports betting, whichever system you opt for, is to avail yourself of the services of a good horse racing tipster with a proven record of success.

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