Racing Horse System

Racing Horse System

LAY OF THE DAY: Profitable Racing Horse System Based on Lay Bets

This is introducing a new racing horse system that enables the punter to place profitable bets like a bookie and not like the average punter on the street. Most punters usually “bet to win”. The average racing horse systems punter scout around for the best tips that they hope will help them pull off the magical winning streak. Then they rush off to place their bets with the bookies hoping that their favourite horse comes out tops and delivers a great payout. Well, if this worked out so well, how come the bookies and not the punters are the ones smiling to the banks?

Think about it. Here are the facts.

Only one horse out of many that are presented in a race will win. Put another way, many horses will end up losing a race. The so-called favourite horses generally lose two out of every three races they compete in. On the day the favourite looks like cashing in on its 33% winning chance, the bookies drop the odds, leaving very little money on the table for the winning punters. So once again, it’s the bookies and not the punters who get the extras to do some cool Christmas holiday shopping. So if you are a punter and the scenarios above just make you sick to your stomach, here’s a new deal for you.

Betting exchanges give you a chance to use a new racing horse system to “lay” a bet, just like the bookies. Rather than “bet to win”, you can now offer odds on a horse. If the punting herd are betting on the “favourite” and hope to win (which will not happen 2 out of 3 times), you can place a lay bet against that horse, giving you a 2 in 3 chance of winning. When others lose, you win. Their losses come to you as winnings, and to the exchange broker as commission, depending on your wager size. You do not have to worry about plummeting odds. You just need a racing horse system strategy.

What most people won’t tell you though is that Betfair is tailored towards the backer and so it is important to make sure that the lay odds are not too high for you to make a profit. To get an idea of this you can compare the lay odds on Betfair to the Bookies odds. As we know the bookies are going to be offering value in their favour with around a 20% margin we want to make sure that the odds we are taking on Betfair to lay are not too much higher than theirs. This is important to consider in your racing horse systems.

The Race Advisor is run and edited by successful bettor Michael Wilding. It has been created to provide punters with free valuable guidelines on how to become a successful gambler. To be successful in this business requires hard work and dedication, it will not happen overnight but by using this websites free resources and articles will significantly help you gain the edge needed to make a living from betting.

Racing Horse System

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