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This is not a fair race. I was on the skates in race with two horses.
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  1. Hey, I hve been taking lessons since July Been to a camp and im 13 I decided that I might want to lease a horse when I’m 15 or 16 yr old. Do u think that I will have enough experience by then?

  2. Im President of a 4-H Horse club and were having a booth at a festivial. What kind of goodies can my group make that will sell good? I have T-Shirts and knited dish rags. These need to be ideas that are inexpensive and creative. Thanks!(:

  3. Find some horse pendants/stick ons and put them on like a saddle blanket.. Buy some blankets that work from the dollar store or make them if you can and decorate. Or make like hanging decor for the bridle, assuming it’s kept to the side enough not to affect the horse’s vision. You can use like feathers and beads. :)

  4. is it possible to ride a horse from kentucky to iowa on the moderrn day road?

  5. Unknown amt of corn eaten, Should I be giving them hay while I am waiting to see what happens? They are out in a pasture.

  6. Its A date so I need to know of one in or near avon, ohio

  7. Means his dick is huge,

  8. Never say no to an item someone wants to give you because you may miss out on something really good if you do.

  9. I think It Something Like A King Horsos

  10. hello! (: i just want a few opinions. i’ve been riding for just over 8 years and am looking to see whether horse ownership should be the next step for me. i’ve shown at local schooling shows and won the jr. 12 and under high point for english hunt seat. (im currently 14) since then i’ve been riding a nsh who is very nervousand needs an intermediate rider. I’d like to start doing more jumping and dressage but there are currently no horses at the barn i ride at with that type of experience. i looked around and calculated thathorse ownership in my area would be approximately 5500-7000 dollars (that includes some leeway for extra vet bills in case of emergency and some supplies). I understand that this can also change drastically depending on health problems, price increases, etc., so i will keep that in mind. a little about my situation.:

    -parents make approximately 70-85k a year(total)
    -barn is 3 mins drive from my house
    -schedule is pretty clear majority of year (will have plenty time to ride)
    -take 2 lessons a month, rest is free ride
    -have straight a’s and keep up with responsibility

    i look into pursuing a sub-career in training horses when i am older (have worked on training of a ford before and re-training of an ottb)
    thank you for your opinions! (: all are welcome.

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