(Short Priced horse racing system) From Create your own betting system

Short Priced Horse Racing System

From Create your own Betting Systems www.createyourownbettingsystems.com In this video I show you my short priced horse racing betting system. You probably wont get many selections a month although we have had 20 in November. Most of the selections from this horse racing system seem to win but at very short prices. The Video gives the results from when we first started trying the betting system, the selection process and a demon stration of the using the betting system with the racing post. I hope you enjoy my betting system and if you would like to leave comments below then please do. Thanks for watching. Malcolm www.createyourownbettingsystems.com
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Short Priced Horse Racing System

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25 Responses to “(Short Priced horse racing system) From Create your own betting system”

  1. Super channel. We are just starting out and would LOVE to have you either become our friend or maybe also be a subscriber.

  2. great video. It does make sense

  3. There’s no need to pay for a RP subscription just to get the number of selections in the selection box as they are available on the RP Betting Site.

    Just go to the RP Betting Site, then in the Horse Racing Tips box klick on TIPS and then on SELECTION BOXES. There you have all the selections as well.

  4. Instead of using the early Betfair prices you could also use a bookie with “best odds guaranteed”.

    Another way to improve the profit you could you accumulator bets or a Fibonacci staking plan!

  5. Thanks for all the comments. I will probably add the selections to Terbium service It would go well with the nap selection for this service.

  6. Interesting – some of the selections match those from my own system so will be monitoring this as it may mean a higher strike rate.

  7. Thanks for that, i’ll give it a try.

  8. Seems like an interesting system, I will keep an eye on it,
    Great video thanks Malcolm

  9. Looks good, Malcolm. Thank you.

  10. Nice system Malcolm. Looking at the results, the SR is not so bad. Might work well on the long run. Is there any software that can do the selections (Automatic) for you?
    Thanks Malcolm for this useful video.

  11. Cheers,Malcolm,
    Will Monitor This and see how it goes any extra help is alway’s Well recieved.Have tried something similar Downunder with very mixed results.One need’s a very good staking system.

  12. Cheers Malcolm, food for thought :)

  13. Thanks Malcolm

    I will give this a try

  14. Thanks for the system Malcolm. I would like to back these on betfair at over the f/c odds and have them go in play if not matched. Might give a bigger profit. BTK

  15. Looks like staking would improve your profit as there seems to be few losers. You havent had more than 1 loser in a row.

  16. Dear Malcolm, This is a system which allows for playing around with variations of your basic system, perhaps to either create awareness of other possibilities and /or show whats out there. FYI ………….. The selection box of tipsters is available for free within the betting section of the Racing Post. Please keep generating systems like this  RGDS

  17. Dear Malcolm, Thank you for sharing this with us. I have tried something like this before with some success. Can I just ask you to consider changing your mouse pointer to something larger or more colourful when making these video presentations as I feel it would be very simple for you to do, and it would help me see where you are pointing during the video – I’m partially blind and struggle to see the pointer.

  18. can we use this to lay the second favourite?

  19. Thank Malcolm. Useful micro system. Methinks I’ll give it a go. My laying is making about 6pts / month so another 4 from this would be great. Cheers, Mark

  20. Very interesting. I shall be monitoring this for a while. A more interesting element of this system is using the Tipping section of the Racing Post, which is something I have not seen elsewhere.
    It has also given me several ideas as to how this might provide elements for other systems.
    Good job Malcolm, and even if in the long run it doesn’t work out it has certainly given plenty of food for thought.

  21. Thanks Malcolm
    I will give this a try

  22. Low profit but low risk seems like a nice little system.
    Well done Malcolm
    Best regards.

  23. what a load of garbage

  24. Great little system. Small ods but from little acorns grow big trees. Thanks for showing us

  25. Seems a good little system Malcolm. I will give it a go. Thanks.

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