Should You Search for Horse Racing Tips on the Internet?

Should You Search for Horse Racing Tips on the Internet?

Article by Hollie Wilcox

The advent of the Internet has changed horse race betting for good. In search of advice, more and more punters are searching the web for free horse racing tips. There are hundreds if not thousands of websites that claim to offer invaluable advice for betting on horses. But are these free sites actually helpful? Or do you get what you pay for?

If you are going to follow the advice of a free online horse racing tipster, you need to be able to vet them to make sure they are legitimate. One way to do this is to look at the tipster’s previous results. Have they actually been successful in predicting winning horses? If their results look suspiciously over-positive, don’t be afraid to contact the webmaster of the site and ask questions. Any horse racing tipster site worth visiting will answer you with confidence. If you can’t find contact information, or if they don’t write back, move on.

A great way to get some reliable free horse racing tips is to take advantage of the free trials that many horse racing tipsters offer. Even though regular subscriptions to these services cost a small fee, the legitimate ones let you try for free. If you don’t like the systems they use or the tips they give, you don’t have to subscribe.

If you’re just looking to use an always-free site, try before you blindly follow all their advice. Use some of their tips and see how they fare for you in your betting. If they seem to be off or wrong, look for another site that may be more reliable. Just please remember that just doing an online search for “free horse racing tips” will not always yield legitimate websites. Make sure the tipsters you are dealing with have a good track record, have testimonials from other punters, and will be open and honest about answering your questions. Follow your gut – if a tipster service, free or not, seems sketchy or questionable, get out and use someone else! Horse race betting is such a popular activity that there are plenty of reliable, legit tipsters that can help you make the most of your money.

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