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Your Questions About Horse Racing Games

Susan asks… Horse Racing using a Cow.? If you took a random cow that is health and everything, and train it the best you could Read more

Your Questions About Horse Racing Terms

Steven asks… How to get into horse racing? I’ve always been somewhat interested in horse racing, but I live in Mississippi where there really aren’t Read more

Your Questions About Horse Racing Triple Crown

Mark asks… Out of the three horse races in the renowned ‘Triple Crown’, which is the most prestigious event? Similar to how Wimbledon is considered to be Read more

EquiSight Jockey Cam: Alexis Batista wins third career race at Colonial Downs

EquiSight Jockey Cam July 20th, 2011 – Colonial Downs in New Kent, VA featured the EquiSight Jockey Cam on Jockey Alexis Batista and horse Casco Bay. It was the first win ever for Casco, and the Read more

Your Questions About Horse Racing Systems That Work

Lisa asks… Horse Racing Welfare -Your view counts! Are the controls enough? How effective are the welfare controls within the horseracing Industry, – Could they be improved?” 1.Have you had any experience Read more