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The History Of Horse Racing Goes Back To Ancient Times

Being one of the most ancient of mankind's sports also makes horse racing one of humanity's most beloved sports. That horse racing is called the sport of kings is also no accident. Back in the days when the first horse races were held, it flourished as a sport for kings and nobility, and this is where the history of horse racing begins.. Read more
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Everything You Need To Know About International Horse Racing

Known as the "Sport of Kings", horse racing has been around for approximately 400 years and has always been closely tied to the rich and powerful. An equal mix of adrenaline and seed, International Horse Racing highlights the courage, beauty and strength of the horse and jockey. This essay presents information on the history of racing and covers Read more
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Your Questions About Is It Possible To Win At Horse Racing

Daniel asks… HORSE RACING ANYONE FANCY THIS DOUBLE POSSIBLE TREBLE FOR SUNDAY? hi all,cash to spend a nice double for sunday possible treble.BENBAUN 1-50 CURRAH he has won six times at this track much better horse here,his run Read more

How to Win at Horse Racing

How to Win at Horse Racing Article by David Moon Have you been waiting for a winning horse system to come alongside that can be used by any Read more