The History Of Horse Racing Goes Back To Ancient Times

Being one of the most ancient of mankind’s sports also makes horse racing one of humanity’s most beloved sports. That horse racing is called the sport of kings is also no accident. Back in the days when the first horse races were held, it flourished as a sport for kings and nobility, and this is where the history of horse racing begins..

Thousands of years back, 4 500 BC actually, the first horse races were held by prehistoric Asian tribes. These people were the first to domesticate these animals, and it was a natural progression that one owners’ horse should be pitted against another for speed, endurance and strength. If nothing else, human-kind has always been competitive.

Racing in modern times sees the creation of massive venues for legalized gambling and the industries which support this. Horses are expensive to buy, breed and keep and they have to earn their living. Owning horses is definitely the privilege of those rich enough to keep them.

In the United States the biggest spectator sport is baseball, the second biggest is horse racing. Annually people place $ billions of wagers on these races and it is a professional sport all over the world. Most popularly in the US obviously, the UK, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South America, Zimbabwe and Saudi Arabia.

Thoroughbreds are the most widely used breed and races take place on a flat track over a few different distances. Harness and quarter horse races are also popular, as is the steeplechase. One of the prime examples of a steeplechase is the Grand National in the UK.

As an organized sport, this dates back to way before people kept written record, but once the recording of history began, we can see that this type of racing was very much a part of most ancient cultures. The Olympics featured both chariot and mounted races as far back as 638 BC. The Roman Empire was also pre-occupied with horse racing.

Modern racing in the UK started to become established and organized with knights on their returns from the crusades in the 12th century. While in the Holy Land, they discovered the Arab and brought them back to Britain. They spent about 400 years breeding by importing stallions.

This unique blend of endurance, stamina and speed and the rivalry of breeders soon led to them pitting one horses speed against another. This was a favorite pastime and of course they bet money.

During the reign of the Queen Ann horse racing was recognized as a professional sport and from 1702 till today, this sport has grown and developed. In a natural progression, racetracks were built all over the UK and more horses than two were entered into events.

Being one of the most ancient of mankind’s sports also makes horse racing one of humanity’s most esteemed sports. We’ve got the best inside info on horse racing tips for specifically Australian horse races .


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