Wearing The Appropriate Attire For The Party At The Horse Races

Dress codes set the standard for attire to be worn at social events. Formal occasions usually call for long dresses for women while cocktail events entail shorter frocks. Fancy dress constitutes an outfit according to a theme. Hats are a popular feature at the party at the horse races.

Even though fashion is a personal choice dress codes provide parameters for acceptable dress. Events like balls are glitzy affairs that see women dressed to the nines in glittery dresses and jewelry. Scarves and gloves can be added to outfits to dress them up. Men are usually in suits and ties. It is still possible to maintain some individuality within a dress code.

Eating out at a restaurant calls for smart casual attire. Smart casual means different things to different people. The general rule is no shorts or sandals after dark. Some restaurants may stipulate that men should wear closed shirts and sometimes sneakers are not permitted to be worn. Men may also be requested to wear dinner jackets.

People can have more fun at fancy dress occasions as they allow for more creativity. Children and adults enjoy dressing up for these events, and home constructed creations are more than welcome. The theme sets the standard for the outfits that are to be worn. It is not in very good taste to ignore a theme and not dress up for these events.

Black tie events are arguably the most formal occasions, and most people do not attend these very regularly. Awards ceremonies and even some fashion shows are examples of where this dress code should be followed. Women are usually in long dresses but they are more elaborate than formal occasions. Men generally wear tuxedos to these events, and some opt for top hat and tails for greater effect.

Cocktail parties can give people a chance to merge fashion with comfort. Women generally wear shorter dresses, but trousers and skirts are also acceptable. Men can even wear open shirts to these events, although closed shoes and long pants are generally prerequisites. It is still an occasion to see high fashion at work though.

People are given parameters for the clothes they wear to events by dress codes. Formal and black tie events call for long dresses whereas cocktail parties give a bit more latitude. Smart casual outfits are the order of the day when eating out. Hats are common for the party at the horse races.

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