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Sandy asks…

How long will mid/ decent reggie weed stay in my system if.. (please no detox pills/drinks or whatever)?

I’m 18 Male I weigh 182lbs I’m average and I’m 6’1 I smoke 1 dutch like every once or 3 times every month but I would smoke like every week like I said only 2 or 3 times ill wait like 3 or even a week to smoke another blunt for that one month an I smoke at night and in the mornings I work out and do push ups and I try to not eat a lot and I drinks lots of water. How long will Reggie stay in me need answers a.s.a.p!

Denny answers:

My experience, based on having been involved in the drug testing program at work, is about 30 days. Also, all the detox pills and cranberry juice and whatever is a waste of time…none of it works if the lab is doing their job right. We used to get an occasional “too diluted” result which simply meant re-testing. But we also knew that person was doing weed because NO ONE drinks that much water “just because.”

Some places are now using follicle samples though, and the presence of narcotics and weed can be detected in your hair as long as you have it. Shaving your head does no good because are you prepared to shave your entire body (arms, legs, groin, eyebrows)? Again, except for very rare cases of a couple diseases, NO ONE is entirely hair free.

If you have to be tested for whatever, your best bet is to simply not do weed. It’s a pretty simple solution.

Steven asks…

Jakarta, Indonesia and tsunami’s. [Just a few Q's!]?

1) What are 3 good reasons to travel there?
2) why is it a high risk location for tsunamis?
3) is there a tsunami warning system there? – if yes, how does it work?

I mean Sumatra, not Jakarta

Denny answers:

Sumatra, well, You can find something diffrent there, it is a huge island where you can find many diffrent cultures tough rooted from the same origin. Aceh region is a religiously strict Moeslem area, better be cautious with your attitude there. In the city there are not many attraction to se but if you go to the Weh island you can experience the peacefull fishing village.
In North Sumatra region, there are more to see actually. In Medan, the province capital, many Hindhu’s temple and old Dutch collonial buliding to see. There are not so many museum, and the beaches are not the best ones. Lake Toba is the most famous destination, you can find some traditional handycraft, enjoy the giant lake, and beautiful green surroundings. In the other Regions you can find many natural attraction, like waterfalls, plantations, historical monuments or homes.
The tourists spots in Sumatra is spreaded in many places and requires long journey either by air or land. Ussually 1 area only has 1 tourist spot.
The cultural activities are not very well organized, if you really want to experience some better take an arranged tour. The great beaches are situated in some “nowhere” places, even not so well known to the Indonesian it self, like the Nias surfing paradise or The Cubadak Island( which are well known only to European tourists instead to the Indonesian itself). For the Indonesian it self, travelling to Sumatra means going to 1 specific place/ attraction and then the rest of the trip would be cullinary hunting experience and traditonal crafts or delicacies shopping. In conclusion you need to work hard to find the attractions that you’re looking for, but i bet it wont be a problem if you are adventurous.
Regarding your second question, yes it is a pretty high risk of Tsunami location, but everything has been much better now. The warning system etc. Are working, and in fact the last tsunami was happened after the previous one about 100 years ago, so…. No need to worry about another tsunami at the moment.
You’d better be more cautious about the earth quakes which frequently hit the southern Sumatra lately , but still not the disasterous ones.

Sandra asks…

What kind of Jobs could you do in the Netherlands if…..?

I am currently studying Dutch language at this faculty that is accredited worldwide… I can’t say the country I am currently living in, due to it being personal information… But yeah, I am studying Dutch and English… What could I do in the Netherlands? Could I get a job in an embassy? Could I for example teach English there?

Denny answers:

A little secrecy is good, you do not need to mention your exact location nor your full name and age.
But if you want sensible answers, we need some information.

If you are not an EU or EEA citizen, you will not have the right to work in the Netherlands.
For some countries working holiday visa are available, but those are age restricted as well as limited in length of duration.
If you do not qualify on either, which is rather likely, you are out of luck.
Your best bet would be to work for a company in your own country and being send to the Netherlands for that company. It could be your embassy, but those often hire local lower staff and only bring the higher well trained staff from the home country.
Yes, you can apply for a job, and when you get it, your future employer will apply for a working visa for you, but with the economic situation as it is, and the relative high unemployment, your chances are very low.

Forget teaching English, unless you are a native English teacher with a teaching qualification that is accredited in the Netherlands, and even then you would have to compete with Dutch teachers who have more familiarity with the school system. Teaching experience would have helped, but as you are still studying, you can not claim that.
Dutch are known for their level of English, all of the young people leaving school speak it, and those that have trained to become language teachers speak the language they teach almost native level. So there is no big advantage for schools to employ foreigners.
Maybe if your native language is a different one you could become teacher in that, but more likely in a language school rather than a school in the normal school system.

If you are an EU or EEA citizen or can get a working holiday visa, you can work in the Netherlands, but you will still find it very difficult to find a job, and knowing Dutch and English will not be a big advantage, as all Dutch do. It might be that your native language will be useful, otherwise you will have to find any job that is available. Factory work, working in a supermarket, if you have some training, you might be able to get office work, but with the competition that is not likely and would test your Dutch skills to the limit.

Michael asks…

How embarrassing for Holland?

I would have bet Englend win the tournament before I would have bet Netherlands get 0 points. I pegged them to finish 2nd in the group right behind Germany. What happened? Did they have an unlucky spell or did they get found out?

Denny answers:

Theres lots of intern problems going on with the Dutch team. Currently there are two Camps.

Camp one: Sneijder, vd Vaart, vd Wiel, Stekelenburg, Nigel, Heitinga and Robben. All except Robben players that came from Ajax.

Camp two: Marwijk, and his staff from PSV, vPersie, Bommel, Bouma, Affely who have their roots at either PSV or Feyenoord.

Marwijk wanted to play conservatively the way they did the first two matches, he favors vPersie and his son In law vBommel. Thats why they kept playing even though they did horrible in both friendlies and at euro 2012. Camp one favored a more attacking approach, total football, Cruijff/vGaal style, so the Ajax style. But vMarwijk kept favoring his son in law and vPersie over VdVaart and Huntelaar even though during friendlies and qualifiers it went way better with those two. We would also have a more solid defense if Marwijks assistants Cocu and Faber (both from PSV) took Emanuelson with them to defend the left back position instead of PSVe’r Willems who played in the lower league (jupiler league) last season. And has only played 20 matches for PSV. While Emanuelson played for Ajax since he was a child,7 years in the first team and got contracted last year by AC Milan, Marwijks excuse was that he has not played on the left back position for the past two and a half years. Even though he did at both Ajax and Milan. Instead he took Stijn schaars as back up for the left back position a guy who has NEVER played that position. That’s when it all started. Marwijk and his staff favored PSV and Feyenoord players.

So the Ajax players got forced into a conservative system that didn’t work. Huntelaar and Sneijder gave interviews after the first and second match dropping hints that something was going on. And on day three while Marwijk finally decided to change tactic, the information of their private training leaked out, He replaced Heitinga with Vlaar who played his second serious match. Vpersie’s position was behind huntelaar. If you look at the match again you can see him do absolutely nothing, was walking the whole time didn’t help just stood there, he never passed the ball to Huntelaar. That match Robben also told Marwijk to shut up. And after the match vdWiel talked in front of the camera saying that there’s trouble within the team and that he wasn’t used for his strengths which is are his attacking skills, he was clearly pissed off.

I hope van Marwijk stops and a new trainer stands up one who doesn’t favor players and one who doesn’t take players just so they could be seen in the most important tournament of them all. You know why the WK worked? Because Frank the Boer (Ajax coach) was there to keep things in balance. He didn’t do so this tournament because he started training Ajax.

Nancy asks…

Does a Federal Europe run by Germany appeal to you?

I doubt the Dutch or French want to be pushed around by their ‘allies’ the Germans. I bet some of the other Countries wished they had retained their own currencies and some more Control. It was only supposed to be a trade pact not a take over!
Barry, as I said it was only supposed to be a trade pact not a huge financial machine bailing out all and sundry.

Denny answers:

No – not for me.!!

All it will be is the ‘resurrection’ of the old 3rd Reich policies regarding taking over other countries and total people control….which will equal the (new) 4th Reich – without any actual bloodshed/loss of life.!!

Merkel wants control of the E/Z and EU – if it happens she’ll achieve what Hitler never did – the unification of europe under ‘total german control’.

Every single EZ country thats accepted these billion+ bailout loans are now ‘owned’ by the ECB/IMF + being under Merkel’s control/influence.

Thats not in the public interest – a massive dictatorial government/polices etc with ‘no recourse’ for the public of participating countries at any level.

The ermmm….trade only (1974) concept was (buried) changed in the early 1980′s ‘without a public vote’ by our own (UK) government and politicians….who in turn ‘signed away’ our UK sovereignty….(1st) M Treaty (2nd) L Treaty (TB/GB) and made Brussels the governing system in the UK – which ‘can and does’ over rule ‘any’ UK internal policy not agreed by Brussels 1st – as is being continually proven ie: the UK not being able to ‘deport anyone’ from the UK – and these ridiculous EU PC/HR rulings that cause all the trouble in our daily lives.

At the end of the day – its all too late now anyway – our ‘moronic’ political masters agree with Merkel’s ideology and will support her….under the guise of ermm….prosperity for all in the ‘long term’ BUT ‘not including the peoples’ – just the Illuminati participants of the political/financial establishments membership – because ‘thats’ what it is….an ‘Illuminati (NWO) concept’ for (again) the total financial/people control on a massive scale.

James asks…

How to attend a University in Germany as an American Student?

I would like to attend a University in Germany to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in German and English, and then later gain a Master’s degree in Translating and Interpreting. I’m curious how the University systems in Germany work, especially for International Students. I am under the impression that schooling at many of the Universities have free tuition. If someone could help me understand how the system works? I would also like to make is clear that I am fluent in the German language, next to my Native tongue of English and my fluency in Dutch and Czech as well. If someone could also answer questions like how long the degree programs take to complete and how do I register for the programs?

I would like to also make clear that I am only a GED graduate. I would assume that taking some time and attending a community college in the States may help my chances of getting accepted, but I can only assume seeing how I do not know for a fact.

Denny answers:

Yor very best bet might be the DAAD the page is also available in English if you need further info just mail them

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