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Sandra asks…

What kind of switch (2000vdc 3ma) won’t ARC when operated?

Denny answers:

I don’t think there’s a kind of switch apart from a specifically designed and manufactured GTO (Gate Turn Off thyristor, a semiconductor) which will break that sort of connection without sparking occurring. And then I don’t know if it’s even possible to physically make something like that for such a high voltage.

But you probably mean a mechanical switch where, when actuated, the current (@ 2000 Volts of potential) won’t simply jump across even though the contacts move apart.

I don’t know the English term for them (I don’t even know the Dutch term), but your best bet is the archetypal “mad scientist”-switch as seen in old movies, where the contacts are connected to the lever with springs so, as you move the lever and overcome the friction between the contacts and their receptacles, the contacts “snap” out due to the springs contracting. Sparking in the process, but preventing the current simply arcing across the switch as the air gap is already sufficiently large before the connection is severed.
These switches were almost entirely exposed, so they’ve been phased out by health and safety for anything up to mains and 3-phase systems, but for really high voltages they might still be around, as there’s no getting around the properties of air as an “insulator” when high voltages are present.

Sandy asks…

Who is currently the prime minister of the netherlands?

Wickapedia says that Jan Peter Balkenende lost the election in June, but it doesn’t say who replaced him as Prime minister.

Denny answers:

That is because there is not a new prime minister yet.
Balkende will be acting prime minister till the new gouvernment is ready to take over.

The result of the election was such that there is no clear majority for any expected combination of parties.
The biggest party is the VVD, but by only one seat.
At this time, VVD is talking with CDA and PVV to make a minority coalition of VVD and CDA with support of PVV, giving it a majority of one seat in the ‘tweede kamer’ (the lower house.)
But success in the talks is not guarantied, and if they fail there might come a coalition of PVDA, D66, Groen Links, SP and as you see that are completely different parties.
As such, the Dutch system does not announce a new prime minister till the talks are all done and the Queen presents the new crew.

I overlooked the fact that CDA will also have to participate in the possible left wing gouvernment. But it will likely be a VVD or PVDA person to become the new prime minister. But I do not want to bet on who or even which party.

Robert asks…

Attention Poker Players! I’m creating my own Poker Room. Tell me what makes a great Poker site in detail.?

Please give as much detail as possible. I want this site to be successful and meet all players needs and wants.

Denny answers:

1. Safety. Will my money be safe?
2. Good, hack proof, software. Planet Poker had they s/w hacked several years ago. The random number s/w must be perfect. Sites like PokerStars tracks you mouse movements in helping randomize the cards and spot pokerbots.
3. Have a good selection of games 24-7. Players like me place a premium on good table slection. But this is a chicken-or-the egg problem. How do you attract players when you have no players.? I would advise against 1-time player bonuses. “Bonus whores” will take it and leave.
4. Stand out from other poker sites. I would advise starting off with NO RAKE to build up a clientelle, then establish a rake but less than the major sites. Offer rakeback to high volume customers. Obviously you will need capital to weather the first few months. After that you will mint money…
5. Study PokerStars. They have the best s/w and best customer service.
6. Have a VIP program. PokerStars has the best VIP program Or just have a rakeback program for high volume players.
7. Goto poker website like 2+2(twoplustwo) to talk to other poker players.
8. Make sure your poker s/w is compatiable with software like pokertracker.
9. Have a system to take away people’s chat should they start cursing.
10. Have good way to spot and nail poker cheaters.
11. Include a feature in the s/w showing how much in rake players are saving by playing your site rather than another site.
12. Avoid cheesy graphics. The best graphics are from ultimate bet and pokerstars. PartyPoker is the worse.
13. Have a timer feature like PokerStars. One someone puts you all-in, being able to have a clock is wonderful. Sites like PartyPoker force you to act too quickly on potentially VERY expensive decsions.
14. Contact failed sites like Dutch Boyd’s site to ask for pitfalls to avoid.
15. A successful poker site is 75% game selection, 15% software, and 10% service. You can have the greatest software in the world but your site will FAIL without a VERY GOOD MARKETING PLAN and strategy to attract and keep players.
16. Have an optional straddle feature.
17. Have 9-Handed, 6 Handed, and Heads-Up cash games. I’m not crazy about 10-handed tables.
18. Have HE, NLHE, and PL Omaha to start with.

Ken asks…

What’s the easiest way to travel from Rotterdam to Dunkerque?


I would like to visit Northern France, Dunkerque, leaving from Rotterdam. What route and trains should i use? Is renting a car cheaper than taking the train? Thanks in advance.

Denny answers:

Renting a car, and paying for the petrol/gas is almost never cheaper when traveling alone.
If you are with 4 to a car or 9 to a minibus it will be.

By train you have a pretty good connection, Rotterdam to Antwerp, Antwerp to Lille Flanders, Lille Flanders to Dunkerque.
But to get the tickets you will have to jump through hoops, the Dutch international ticket site can sell to Lille, but not to Dunkerque, the French site can sell, but the international version only wants to sell via Paris, costing more time and twice as much money.
The French site in French did allow me to enter a via station and it did mention tickets from €53 Euro for a single ticket.
I think your best bet would be to get your tickets from the Netherlands to Lille Flanders and buy your additional ticket there, as it is a local run it will cost the same on the day of traveling as it does when bought in advance.
If you go to the station in person you will likely get the same answer, unless they have recently changed their system.
The travel time is about four and a half hours, so if you want to do a return journey within one day, you might find a car needed, about 3 hours travel time with that, less if there is not much traffic.

On a one day return journey the rental price will be lower, but you might be able to get a one day return for most of your journey, at least to Brussels, which would also save some money.

John asks…

what are the advantages and disadvantages of having a rabbit?

i have a parrot now and I’m going to buy a rabbit. are they good animals?what’s the difference between males and females?
what animal do you suggesting for me(not dogs and pigs)? I want an animal which is easy to care and it is neat and clean!

Denny answers:

There is sooo much to know about rabbits, and they are very different from other small animals. It can be a little overwhelming at first, but is endlessly rewarding and heartwarming…I can really just give you enough info to get started.

Rabbits do poop a lot, but can be litter box-trained. They should be kept indoors as hutches do not keep them safe from predators (which can jump fences) and the elements. They are social and territorial creatures, as in the wild they live in warrens with other rabbits.

Rabbits eat mostly hay, also pellets and fresh veggies. They should only have fruits in very small amounts (if at all) as they have highly-sensitive digestive systems.

Your home must be bunny-proofed by covering all electrical cords with PVC/tubing and keeping plants off the floor. One of the most frustrating bunny behaviors is that they like to dig and chew, especially carpet and wood molding. You can get a product called “bitter apple” to deter this, as well as giving them cardboard or seagrass to play with. They like to play with hard plastic baby toys, jump in the air, and race around. They show affection by licking and nudging their face against you.

Characteristics differ by breed, generally the smaller they are (i.e. Dwarfs) the less social and more feisty. The same is true of females, regardless of the breed. So if you want an affectionate lap rabbit, your best bet is a male medium to large one (NOT the white ones, which can be aggressive). Keep in mind as well that these are general guidelines and will vary based on the animal. My first bunn was a male Dutch and was the sweetest ever. A Dutch or American would make a good first rabbit.

Check out these sites, they are the most complete you will find online for info on rabbits. Become very well-educated on rabbits BEFORE you decide to get one, as they have requirements and challenges unlike those of any other animal. One of the most crucial things I can tell you is that rabbits, if well-cared for, live from 7-10 years, contrary to popular misconception…so they are definately a long-term commitment. Good luck and God bless.


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