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Donald asks…

Why do some of the people still hate Spaniards?

They were in the Philippines a very long time ago. Sure, they committed acts of violence and atrocities. So did the Japanese. So do your own people. Selling your little children into slavery for a few pesos. If you don’t have money to feed them, then stop making babies.
Then, there is law enforcement. Why don’t they crack down on pedophiles and traffickers? The problem is here and now and not hundreds of years ago. A virtual “cop out” just to blame someone for your present condition. Stand up to your inadequate manhood and start blaming those really responsible for your problems. Then your judicial system. No justice for the Maguindanao Massacre victims families and that was what, 2 years ago and still no action. No, but you are quick to spend millions of pesos to impeach a chief justice. He did not kill anyone. I just don’t understand your problem against Spaniards.
JOE: Thank you for sharing your experiences. I hope others read and take into heart everything you said. I understand Spanish very well. I’m in Thailand and don’t use it here.
JOE: Thank you for sharing your experiences. I hope others read and take into heart everything you said. I understand Spanish very well. I’m in Thailand and don’t use it here.

Denny answers:

Actually, I have found the exact opposite. I was very nervous about speaking Spanish when in the Philippines and discussing openly my Spanish heritage, but I now openly discuss it. I am always met with smiles, people calling me “cousin” and I was recently shown a perfectly beautiful, well-cared for statue of Legaspi in Cebu City. Not to mention all the towns, cities, streets etc. Still bearing names of Spanish people or original Spanish names- Espana being but one example in Metro Manila. I have run into priests from Spain (UST) and Colombia (Cebu City) who love it in the Philippines and shake their head and laugh at me when I tell them I was nervous thinking maybe Filipinos had bad feelings towards Spain. They certainly have never encountered any negative feeling from everyday interactions and I have never had any negative experiences at all. The fact that the Chavacano still speak Spanish (a very good form of it I might add) shows that many in the Philippines are deeply proud of their Spanish connections- just look at Surnames. I bet you cannot find more than a dozen or so Dutch names in all of Malaysia. Think about that. I really disagree with your whole premise. I think you should travel with a Spanish tourist and maybe you will see a different perspective.

Carol asks…

bow wow and chris brown?

make a list of songs these two people have sang.
im not sure if i got it all. i want to listen to all their songs.
please make a list of all. best answer to _______
oh wow! second answered you get best answer fasho!! ill pick you best answer by today. thank you very much!! best answer to you[:

Denny answers:

Bow Wow

4 Corners
Another Girl
Baby Girl
Baby It's You
Bachelor Pad
Bet That
Big Dreams
Can't Get Tired Of Me
Damn Thing
Designated Driver
Don't Know About That
Dont Know Bout That
Do What It Do
Do You
Face Off
Follow Me
Fresh Azimiz
Fresh Azimiz Remix
Get It Poppin'
Give It To You
Hey Baby
Hey Lil Mah-muh
Hey Little Momma
He Ain't Gotta Know
How You Move It
I'll Move On
I'mma Flirt
I'm A Flirt
I'm Back
Is That You (P.Y.T.)
I Can't Lose
I Got Y'all
Let's Get Down
Let Me Hold You
Lights, Camera, Action
Like U
Like You
Mo Money
My Baby
Number Ones
On Fiya
Outta My System
Price Of Fame
Shortie Like Mine
Shorty Like Mine
Take Off Your Clothes
Tell Me
Thank You
The Don The Dutch
The Movement
To My Mama

Chris Brown

ABC's lyrics
Ain't No Way (You Won't Love Me)
All I Wanna Do
Back 2 Back
Be With You
Cinderella (Umbrella Remix)
Diagnosed With Love
Excuse Me Mama
Fallen Angel
First Day Of Spring
Forever (Remix)
From My Heart
Gangsta Boo
Gangsta Shorty
Get At Ya
Gimme That
Gimme That (Remix)
Gimme Whatcha Got
Gimmie Dat
God's Top Ten
Gone Be My Girl
Gone Get It
Gonna Be My Girl
Heart Ain't A Brain
Heart To Heart
Help Me
Hold Up
Hood Ridin
I'll Call Ya
I'm Afraid s
I'm Gonna Find Out
Intro (See The Light)
Is This Love?
I Love Myself
I May Never Find
I Needed You
I Seen The Light
I Wanna Be
Just Fine
Keep It Movin'
Kiss Kiss
Kiss Kiss (Remix)
Kiss Kiss (Remix) (Ft. Nelly)
Last 2 Know
Last To Know
My Girl
Nothing But Love
Nothing But Love 4 U
Nothing But Love For You
Nothing Without You
Now And Later
Now & Later
Now That's Grindin (Grindin' Freestyle)
No Air
One More Chance
One More Gin
One Mo Gin
Picture Perfect
Popping (remix)
Poppin (remix)
Poppin Remix Ft. Infa 1
Poppin Remix Ft. Lil Wayne
Run It!
Run It! (Remix)
Say Goodbye
Seen The Light
See The Signs
Shawty Get Loose
She Loves Me
Shortie Like Mine
Shorty Like Mine
So Glad
So Right It Ain't Right
Take You Down
Thank You
This Christmas
Try A Little Tenderness
Wall To Wall
What's My Name
What U Do To Me
Which One
Which One Ft. Noah
Whose Girl Is That?
Who's Girl Is That
With You
With You Remix
Wrong Side Of The Tracks
Ya Man Ain't Me
Yo(Execuse Me Miss)
Young Love
Yo (Excuse Me Miss)
Yo (Excuse Me Miss Remix) Ft/infa 1
Yo Man Ain't Me

I hope these helped! By the way, I LOVE Chris Brown!!!

Mandy asks…

How to find out cultivar/variety of flowers on the web?

I need to find out the cultivar/variety of flowers and foliage for my college work, however wikipedia only displays genus, species and family. Is the 'family' the same and can it therefore be used as the cultivar/variety?

Anywhere else where I can find out this information, bearing in mind I currently do not own any dutch cut flower/foliage books :(

Denny answers:

No the "family" name can not be used for identifying a variety of flower or plant. Take for instance one common bonsai plant, botanical name is Ficus microcarpa, This shows the genus and species, but does not tell you the variety. The variety or cultivar is "Green Island". All ficus are in the Family, Moraceae. Of which there are hundreds of different types.This shows that a family name can't be used for properly identifying a particular plant.
Once you find the botanical name of a plant the trick is to find the right cultivar/variety. Get as much information about the plant as possible. Leaf size and shape, flower size, color, bloom shape, amount of petals, type of petals, fragrant or not, Type of seed pod produced, seed shape, type of root system. Where it grows naturally, sun or shade, annual, perennial, Climate growing zone, humid or dry conditions and the list goes on.
Using the key words in a good image search engine is your best bet in properly identifying a plant not a book. But be warned, many people who post pictures of their plants miss identify them. So names given can't be trusted. Use only trusted sources like nurseries, universities, state or government sites.

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