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James asks…

how about jamaica? (you know you want to…)?

what is the _____ like?
(fill in the blank)
nat. res.
people of today
tourism and attractions

also is there any thing scary in jamaica (cults, animals, ect. ect)

Denny answers:

Try wikitravel but here goes

transportation : – best bet is taxi or rental but driving can be crazy in kingston. Negril you can walk everywhere and use the local robot-taxi. Taking the bus is bad during peak hours but okay otherwise if u have the patients and dont mind the brash outspoken types like me :)

climate : Not humid… Nice breese rearly goes below 22 degree cel. Rainy seasons in april-may hurricane season June-Dec

geography : hills, lush and green like english countryside but warmer, lots of colour and trees. Lots of beaches and rivers, sand has a diffrent colour depending on where on the island u are.

Nat. Res. ?? Have no idea what this dash is?

Culture out of many one people. Mixture of african, european, spanish and french. Some irish and dutch fussions as well. We have a mixture of peoples. Music is ska reggae calypso mento. Rich modern art movement with the likes of edna manley and barrington watson… Culture is too big a subject. But whatever you are interested in… U will find it here because of the diversity of the people.

History : – longe story from taino indians to spanish and european occupation to african slaves to emancipation …. To independence to…

People of today: what about us? Check world bank stats…” we mek from nuff” famousness (we are made from alot of famousness)

economy: bad and struggling for growth… Lots of promising conditions for overseas investment

edu: education is lowering these days but we have a standard similar to commonwealth. More women than men go to uwi. Literacy rate is falling possibly proportional to attendance. Teachers leaving… But the quality of education can be very high depending on the institution. Traditionally or education system rivals anywhere in the west

food : national food ackee and salt fish , famous food jerk chicken and pork… Steam snappper. Export of banana and sugar… Must eats; curry goat, manish water, stew peas with pig tail… Bammy, festival, run down coconut water and of course rum… Beer (red stripe & kingston)

sports cricket football track and field are the main ones

tourism and attractions check out jamaica tourist board web site

also is there any thing scary in jamaica (cults, animals, ect. Ect)

Well anything is scary when u ignorant of it. I guess there are crime concerns but i think we dont percieve it as part of a global problem. That said I dont think it is worst than any other place.

As for cults that are scary… Unless u afraid of rastas not that i know of. Animals … Are u afraid of lizard? Or goats or yard fowl

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