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Richard asks…

What do you think of UN support for criminalising criticism of Islam?

The non-binding Resolution 62/145, which was adopted in 2007, says it “notes with deep concern the intensification of the campaign of defamation of religions and the ethnic and religious profiling of Muslim minorities in the aftermath of 11 September 2001.”

It “stresses the need to effectively combat defamation of all religions and incitement to religious hatred, against Islam and Muslims in particular.”

But some critics believe the resolution is a dangerous threat to freedom of speech everywhere.

The U.S. government mission in Geneva, in a statement, told the U.N. Human Rights Council in July that “defamation-related laws have been abused by governments and used to restrict human rights” around the world, and sometimes Westerners have been caught in the web.

Critics give some recent news events as examples of how the U.N. “blasphemy resolution” has emboldened Islamic authorities and threatened Westerners:

– On Oct. 3 in Great Britain, three men were charged for plotting to kill the publisher of the novel “The Jewel of Medina,” which gives a fictional account of the Prophet Muhammad and his child bride. reported U.S. publisher Random House Inc., was going to release the book but stopped it from hitting shelves after it claimed that “credible and unrelated sources” said the book could incite violence by a “small, radical segment.”

– An Afghan student is on death row for downloading an article about the role of women in Islam, also reported.

– In December 2007 “a court reportedly sentenced two foreigners to six months in prison for allegedly marketing a book deemed offensive to Aisha, one of the Prophet Muhammad’s wives,” the U.S. government said.

– A British teacher was sentenced to 15 days in jail in Sudan for offending Islam by allowing students to name the class teddy bear Muhammad in November 2007.

– In February 2007 in Egypt an Internet blogger was sentenced to four years in prison for writing a post that critiqued Islam.

– In 2004, Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh was murdered after the release of his documentary highlighting the abuse of Muslim women.

“It’s obviously intended to have an intimidating effect on people expressing criticism of radical Islam, and the idea that you can have a defamation of a religion like this, I think, is a concept fundamentally foreign to our system of free expression in the United States,” said former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton.

Passing the resolution year after year gives it clout, Bolton said. “In places where U.N. decisions are viewed as more consequential than they are in the U.S., they’re trying to build up brick-by-brick that disagreement with this resolution is unacceptable.”

Kevin “Shamus” Hasson, founder and president of the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, a public interest law firm in Washington that opposes the resolution, said it is a slap in the face of human rights law.

“The whole idea of the defamation of religion is a Trojan horse for something else,” Hasson said. “When you talk about defamation, you talk about people being defamed and people being libeled, but ideas can’t be defamed. Ideas don’t have rights, people have rights.”

He said the resolution is a shield for Islamic fundamentalists who retaliate against perceived offenses and want to make Islamic Sharia law the law of the land. He said the resolution passes under the guise of protecting religion, but it actually endangers religious minorities in Islamic countries.
GOLDEN – unlike religious Jews and Christians, the BNP praise Hitler, and many BNP organisers have served prison time for physical assaults on British Asians, Blacks and Jews. So the answer to your question is that the BNP is a neo Nazi group and nothing like religious Jews or Christians.

- what do you mean by ‘discussion’? I’ve never heard discussion being outlawed.
If you mean HOLOCAUST DENIAL, then it is always done in the context OF anti semitism and it DOES incite hatred against Jews.

Denny answers:

I take IT, about as seriously as i take Islam…..Violence and oppression seem to go hand in hand with Islam don’t they, so its hardly a surprise really….OH and the Muslim lead labour party of course, they go hand in hand with Islam too…….Isn’t it nice to know that as long as Islamic money is available, Parliament can still be bought and sold on a daily basis….as is clear to see. NO doubt parliament will make it illegal to criticise Islam in Britain, after all they want us to be the Islamic banking centre of Europe don’t they. And for that they will sell our children’s future to Islam with no problem at all. Lets all take bets on when the first stoning will take place. Odds on favourite is within ten years. Some say that it has secretly started already.

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