Your Questions About Horse Betting Systems

Laura asks…

whats the best betting system,im open to ideas,on horses mainly?

Denny answers:

Look at the horse who finished 2nd and by how many lengths (nose, neck, head etc).
If the trainer sticks to the same jockey, that means the jockey convinced the trainer he can comeback and win. Also, Allowance races non-claiming, usually runs to form, because these horses are in their prime.

Don’t bet on a dead-boy =jockey who never gets a triple crown mount, dropping in class.
Don’t bet on Beyer speed #’s. It’s just some ridiculous numbers formulated by past performance, meaning he’s guessing like the rest of em’.

Look for the Horses parents, and see what their success (career earnings) were.
Look to see if there’s a number of Horses with speed, because generally, they will kill each other, and the horse off the pace will bang them at the wire.

E-mail me for more info if U like.

Joseph asks…

Is This Horse System Good?

My cousin told me about a horse system that he does daily and makes him a few pounds. Not millions but a good few extra bucks a week he said he does:

Each day check to see if there’s 3 meetings in the afternoon. If there is less ore more don’t do the system. Next, bet on the favourite in the first 2 races of the 3 meetings so you have 6 selections in total. Simply write favourite for each race and what he does it

20 X 10P Trebles
20p win on each
30p roll up and its £3.50 in total

He said a couple of times each year he gets all 6 up and gets a few hundred if not more if the favourites are niceley priced such as 3-1, 4-1, 9-2 etc

Am tempted to try it. even though i dont back favourites i reckon he might have a good thing here cos ive been noticeing this week the favourites have been winning the first races quite alot. If it doesnt sound good could you advise something else? Thanks

Denny answers:

There is no good horse (or greyhound) betting system that just goes by the numbers and gives you a positive expected average payback. I haven’t analyzed this one in depth, but it looks like one that usually gives a small profit. BUT in all likelihood you’re going to hit a streak of bad luck and not hit any of the winning bets at all. The expected length of that one bad luck streak will more than wipe out your many small winnings.

The ONLY way to make money on the horses or dogs is to have better analysis than the average bettor. If you know that a particular horse hurt her leg in training a couple weeks back, or that another one runs better in the heat than most, THAT’s what can give you an advantage.

Then again, if you’re happy betting £3.50 (about $5) for a day at the races, that’s reasonable entertainment price, even if you don’t win any of the bets at all.

George asks…

Anyone have a winning system to beat the bookies betting on the horses or greyhounds?

Denny answers:

G’day Deeky Ward,

Thank you for your question.

There probably are professional gamblers with systems that work. However, they are keeping their secrets to themselves. Once people work out the system, the odds on the particular horses selected by the system fall and it isn’t as lucrative.

Be very careful of buying systems off people who sell them. Either they don’t work as advertised or the more people who buy them, the lower the odds.

Have a flutter if you wish but it is unlikely that you will make a fortune from horse racing or other forms of gambling.


Maria asks…

Please look below for my question thank you?

hello on horse betting what is it that say if i wanted to learn on how to bet on horse‘s what do i do to understand on how the betting system works what do i look for ect what do i write on the slip and what do i say when i go up to pay a wager

Denny answers:

Usually you can write very basic information on a betslip, just the name of the horse and the time/location of the race. For example:

Nice Horsey

However, if you have any doubts then just ask at the betting counter. The people working there are usually very friendly and helpful and will help you to complete the betting slip – it’s in their interest to help you to place the bet.

John asks…

how to start your own mma fight club?

i was thinking to start my own fight club becouse there is no ufc style clubs in my area
can someone list off some stuff i will need
i also wanted to do like a betting system sorta like horse race
any help will be much liked

Denny answers:

You must be a member first in some Sports organization or must avail a license in National Sports Commission legally, so that you can emphasize things that you want.

With it, you can seek their advice regarding this kind of query and concerns.

Good luck


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