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Ken asks…

Your opinion on the matter? (Asking riding level)?

You see this type of question alot, but it always makes me wonder. People ask what level rider they are, and say what they can do. Other people spit out answers for them and everyone is happy. But how can you judge such a thing? Here we cannot see them ride, we have to rely on what they tell us. And just because one CAN do something doesn’t say anything to ones level of skill in the act, their proficiency in it, how well they can do it and to what extent- I mean, a little kid bouncing about at the trot holding onto a cheaterstrap on a school pony can say “I can trot”. But so can the PSG Dressage rider. A backyard horse owner can run their horse over a log and say “I can jump”. And a Grand Prix jumper can say the same thing. And yet you see so many people just saying “You are a _____ level rider, I would say” and it’s like, how can you tell by the simple words given to you? And the ranking system is different for everyone- For some people “Novice” is the same as “Beginner”, or “Advanced Beginner” doesn’t even exist. Some might compare them to show levels in their mind- in which every discepline the different names of the levels differ.

At such questions, personally I think people who say to consult the person’s/a trainer is the best bet, but you see other answers more often.

Your opinion on it? How do you measure it, what do you think?

(And no offense meant to anyone who has asked, or answered, a question like that. I am not directing this at a certain person! But I know people might think that, seeing as that exact type of question is just a few spaces below this one.)

Denny answers:

I think if they need validation on how “good” they are, they’re not very good at all.

There comes a point in every rider’s life when they realise it’s not all about being on the correct diagonal/leading leg. When that epiphany comes, they’re on the road to not being a novice any more.

There are bucketloads of people who confuse getting to the other side of a large fence with riding well. I’m yet to see beautiful riding on YA.

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