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Mark asks…

Horse racing betting systems? Does anyone know a good horse racing betting system?

Ive been a horse racing fan for about 3 years now, im looking to get in to the betting side, nothing big just want to try it out. Does anyone know any good free horse racing betting systems? If their aren’t good free ones id be willing to shed a few bucks for GOOD horse racing tips! Please only people with actual EXPERIENCE answer, I need a solid horse racing programs!

Denny answers:

Hmm.. Horse race betting systems can be a bit tricky! But the truth is if you find a book written by someone who has had a ton of experience with horse race betting then you have a WAY higher chance of success then someone who just jumps in.

Horse racing betting systems are a dime a dozen! Meaning finding a good one can be tricky, and you definitely should not put all your faith in whatever system you read! Its never good to have to much faith in anything except your self of course!

There is one horse racing betting system that ive stumbled across and read which isnt to bad! If you apply the basic principles it will help give you a MUCH better feel for whats going on and how to bet.

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