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Is Farrah Fawcett another victim of medical fraud and scientific chauvinism?

In recent times, there has been a steady loss of famous people due to CANCER. The last time I wrote about this on YAHOO! Answers, it was Jade Goody. When a person is diagnosed with cancer, everyone throws up their hands: “We can’t do anything about this!!!”

The person is abandoned into a medical gymnastic marathon, in which bets, as it were, are placed on who dies first- the patients or the ailment. the worst part of it is that the doctors’ so-called “professional attitude” consists of PRETENDING THAT THEY KNOW what the *Hades* they are doing. The patient becomes a guinea-pig without even knowing it.

To get to the point, when I was 24, I learned the simple cure for up to 98% of sickness and disease. Including CANCER. This is FASTING.

I was a member of a marginalized Pentecostal sect called the FULL SALVATION CHURCH, which preached that “If you were sick with anything, then you were not saved.” That is, “If Jesus did not redeem us from sickness and disease, he did not redeem us from anything.”

The HEALTH of the Human body depends on obeying the Fundamental Laws dictated by The CREATOR of the Human body.
The entire point of Bible Religions, which is exclusive in most other religions, is that GOD CARES about the HEALTH of His People who obey Him for HIS sake, and TAKES CARE OF THEM. The Bible says that he is served by LIVING people, not by the DEAD.

The Commandments concerning the use of the mind and body- what we should BELIEVE, how we should THINK, what we should SAY, what we should DO physically, and how we should PRAY and WORSHIP all work together to create a state of optimum funcionality of the body.

The Commandment to Love God with ALL our spiritual, mental and bodily ability implies that our bodies accumulate no FAT resources, because fat comes from energy that was available for use but not used.
The cause of disease that no one is talking about is that disease germs gain access in the body through the availability of surplus foods and toxic by-products of nutrition and recreational substances, besides accidentally ingested poisons.

Imagine a situation where a “FIVE-MAN ARMY” commando squad, tries to invade a whole fort by themselves- in broad daylight. This is obviously a fool’s errand, and a failed suicide mission right there.

But first of all, the soldiers defending the fortress have holes blown in their own walls by civilians living on base, over whom they have little or no control! These civilians, horsing around, throw out energy bars, compatible ammo packs, full coke bottles, fresh flak jackets, fake ID papers, and lists of passwords- everything a growing soldier boy needs to get ahead, or keep his head, in life!

Suddenly the fight is no longer so lop-sided in the underdog’s direction!
It all goes against the supposedly superior force. Their fortress becomes their tomb!

This is a picture of the average disease.
Very rarely is there any such thing as an organism powerful enough to just charge into a human body, rip open any cell in its path, shrug off all the antibodies, take out the white blood cells, and wreak any havoc it likes. It has to be helped by a careless maintenance of the body.
This careless situation is deliberately encouraged by the Western Medical system, playing on the ignorance of the general public.

I insist that the medical authorities of the Western World- those who decide what is and what is not taught to be “medicine” ALL KNOW what Mr. Franklin Hall discovered, and deliberately COVER IT UP, so that expensive medical treatments will be sold to patients- at the cost of the lives of many of them.

The healthy Human body has everything it needs within to fight off 98% of disease, and to correct 98% of its functional ailments.
To deploy its resources to fullest effect, it needs to do only one thing:


Eating even healthy food ties up body resources that should be mobilized toward disease. It makes processed food substances across the spectrum of nutrition available to the invading germ, or the aberrant cell. The great secret of a lengthy and expensive hospital stay is that Western Medicine typically INSISTS on feeding a patient EVERYTHING a THEIR CONDITION needs. Anyone who is overweight for their size to start with has about two months of food stored in their body that they don’t need. Obesity HELPS disease to develop. Add to carbohydrates- glucose is released into the blood stream and shipped to every part of the body this side of one’s toenails! The fastest form of energy known to germs!

At the turn of the 20th Century, one Dr. BATES discovered that a short fast of up to ten days and nights corrected ocular problems, whereby they no longer needed glasses. He was quickly discredited and marginalized, despite his practical proof of his theories. He died in poverty. WHY? He did not realize that he had sounded the death-knell of Western Medicine that is based on poisoning the body and the ailment together, taking the CHAN
CHANCE that the ailment will succumb first.
When food intake is stopped completely, the alimentary canal goes into shut-down. The blood supply that was engaged in digestion of meals now has that chore removed from its “to-do list,” and can face its tertiary task of shipping waste products out of the body.
This is inhibited by the need to divert into the alimentary canal and ferry food the body does not need.

FASTING is not THIRSTING. It is VERY IMPORTANT that a person drinks a more than adequate amount of water during the fast. Satisfying thrist is not the goal. It is important that waste products associated with unused fat that begins to be burned up as from the fourth day of fasting (it takes three days to deplete stored carbohydrate in the body) are removed as quickly as possible.
These products are deadly to the body, and if not sweated and urinated out, will kill a person in a matter of days. This is mistaken for STARVATION. No normal person can starve to death in a week.
Medical Science leaves that impression.
It is vital to the survival of medicine as a Corporate Machine that the public not know that an average person can not merely SURVIVE for weeks on end without eating, BUT WILL BE BETTER OFF, and HEALTHIER for having done so.

A recent episode of a popular TV show, that is the rage over here, PRISON BREAK (I don’t follow it) depicted a couple of guys abandoned by “coyotes” at the Mexican/American desert border. One of the two decides he is in danger of starving to death- when it is unlikely they could have been stranded without supplies for longer than three days. he therefore attacks his comrade with the intention of killing and eating his flesh in order to survive, but dies instead, whereupon his comrade feeds on HIM.

There are stories of crash and shipwreck victims eating the flesh of ther dead comrades- even murdering them when supplies run out.

This is usually due to IGNORANCE.
It is several weeks before one is in any danger of starvation. Most have no way to know that.
It should be part of the education of every schoolchild that the body is capable of interesting things.

One of the most important is that after three days without food, the production of digestive juice STOPS, and with it, HUNGER. The average person ASSUMES that as they go without food for days on end, they will feel HUNGRIER and HUNGRIER, and grow WEAKER and WEAKER.

A Dr. Tanner, at the turn of the 20th Century, reacting to the assertions of atheistic colleagues, proved on himself in their presence, that FASTING DOES NOT MAKE A PERSON PHYSICALLY WEAK. It is the release of poisons into the bloodstream that weakens one in the first week of fasting. By the second week- if one has been drinking enough water to sweat and urinate these harmful substances away (about two litres,) one’s strength returns to normal, even more than 100% of what is normal for one before the fast.

The body is now used to drawing all its nutrient from the onboard surplus reserves.
This is an extremely serious subject.
People’s lives are at stake, here, and lots of them have no time for theories.

I am sorry that I am unable to update as would be more reasonable. Our internet link is not reliable at the best of times. Our power supply is not reliable at the best of times. Now we have a multi-union strike on in our university. Even medical services- where I work- are forced to strike. During normal office hours our power is cut.

VERIFICATION OF FASTING CURING ILLNESSES AND AILMENTS: Locate the remains of FULL SALVATION CHURCH in America, and possibly other countries worldwide. These consist of people who have actually fasted to the (safe) limit of their body resources. They know by personal experience that it works.

I personally have only fasted as long as ten days and nights at a time. I have not gone longer because I have had no time. (One of my grievances at work is how I get done out of annual leave- being compelled to split it up, or to forgo it.)
Dear *LORDPERCYWOOSTER* Very sorry to hear about your wife and daughter. Not being insensitive to your situation, prescribing fasting to someone in the wasting stage of disease is like giving karate advice to someone in a fight who has just got both arms broken, or business investment strategies to someone who is already broke.

If one is bedfast in hospital, the case may be too bad to do anything but rely on the doctors. Cancer treatment is painful enough by itself, even if one does survive it. Fasting enables one to avoid all that and save money.

The entire reason why many have these problems is that they disrespect people who have important knowledge as “nutcases.” Your term. I don’t care what people say about me, if what I say can save some lives somewhere. We cannot afford to dismiss informants-shoot messengers- because they are not fashionable. Your family’s case proves that.

Denny answers:

Fasting is a great thing. Note Jesus stated “When you fast…”, not “if”.
It can most definitely be a boost to your health when done with the right spirit.
It is not a cure for cancer. It might help some, however, just like prayer helps some. The Bible has many people who were great fasters- they all are dead nevertheless. Fasting can’t cure everything obviously. In the Bible, most mentioning of fasting occurs in response to God’s blessing (they were blessed “somehow” and THEN they fasted), and was not in response to attempts at healing.

The statement, “If you were sick with anything, then you were not saved.”, is wrong. It is not Biblically supported at all. Sickness resulted from sin, and none of us are sin-free, so we cannot be sick-free either. Thankfully, despite that, because of Christ, we can be saved.

Disparaging the caregivers/doctors and ranting about cover ups (which are true nonsense) does nothing to further HIs kingdom…


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