Your Questions About Horse Racing Games

John asks…

Does anyone know what casino still has that “Derby” horse racing game in Las Vegas?

It’s that game where you place a bet on a quinella before the time runs out. Then the race starts. The five horses go around the “track” and if your quinella comes in, you win. I know the house advantage is high on this game, but it’s a fun way to pass the time when you get sick of slots and/or table games.

I found that as of 2006 only a few casinos had them. If anyone has been to Las Vegas recently and has seen one… any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!!

Denny answers:

I remember seeing that one somewhat recently but I can’t remember which casino. I can promise you, however, that it’s going to be at the more budget-conscious properties, such as the Riviera, Excalibur and Circus Circus.

Michael asks…

I am looking for a horse racing game from Microsoft that came out in the late 1990s. Do you know it from this:

It was a cartooned game, it came in a microsoft package with other games, I played it in 1999 so I would assume the time frame is around there or earlier, it was very ‘cartooned’, there were not a lot of graphics but you can, if I remember in the game, bet, trade, and make money while raising the horses. This is kinda weird but I have been effortlessly searching with no luck.

Denny answers:

I’ve played a horse racing game that was cartoony but all you could do was race and bet and choose varying track types. Probably not the same game. But I believe you can find the game you want on a game cd called “1001 best windows games” or something along those lines. I have that cd… Although it doesn’t work with new OSs.

Paul asks…

I can’t remember the name of this horse racing game?!?

It was a game I used to play a long time ago that involved mostly breeding and racing your horses. You actually got to controll your horse while racing, and it had the virtual stable and stuff with your horses in it. I believe it was a disc game, but for the life of me I can’t remember it!! Anyone know what I’m talking about?

Denny answers:

Good horse racing games

Sandy asks…

In the Wii commercial with the ultra competitive mother, what is the horse racing game they play?

Denny answers:

This one is the best.
Medieval Games

Product Features

Medieval Games is a Wii exclusive, meaning that only Wii Remote wielding players will be able to join in ye olde fun.
Engage in 30 unique Medieval mini-games including: sword fighting, jousting, archery, and catapulting.
Challenge your opponents in fun competition modes like Free Play and Tournament.
Compete across three distinct 3D game boards that bring the action to life.
Invite up to three friends to join in the fun with 4-person multiplayer action.

Jenny asks…

Horse Racing Video Game?

Well I was wondering if anyone knows of any horse racing video games. I know they have ones that you bet on horses but I am looking for one that is about riding and looking after the horses. Sim games I think.
Preferably the game should be like Pippa Funnell games or My horse & Me.

Any suggestions would be greatly aprisiated!

Denny answers:

Are you looking for computer software, or online games? Either way, there are lots of good ones.

I was just playing Riding Academy 3D and it was pretty fast. You have to ride through obstacle courses, and the graphics were good, but even at the easy level it was kind of hard – very fast.

I like Champion’s Dream Time to Ride. There’s even a good Saddle Club riding game. (It’s more of a mystery but the graphics are excellent and you ride to different parts of the island to find clues.)

I hope this doesn’t come across the wrong way, but since I am not sure what you looking for you may want to look at the lists of games and reviews I have on my website.

Hope this helps!


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