Your Questions About Horse Racing Games

John asks…

Horse racing game?

Anyone know where I can find a free horse racing game? Download or web browser is fine(preferred download)

I just want to do some horse raising, and training.

Denny answers:

I’m involved in 2 different virtual racing sites. The first one is totally free -

You can train, claim, run, etc. Very realistic. Lots of fun.

The other site is free for 30 days, then you have to pay –

Much like the first except they use real money.
A horse that is a $10,000 claimer in real life is a $10 claimer in the game. Very cool.

Joseph asks…

I am looking for a fun horse racing game for adults to play (at a party), any suggestions??

I saw one that sits on the floor with a huge dice and wooden horses that are moved up the track as you roll. Sometimes it is played with seniors…if you’ve seen this game or know where to buy it, please let me know!!
Thanks, Tara

Denny answers:

How about the one that involves a horse and a stripper?

Chris asks…

horse racing game?

Are there any computer games like starters orders or stable masters but for national hunt racing?

Denny answers:

I’ve played Starters Orders and also G1 Jockey 3 on the PS2 which is you as the jockey and there’s some jump races on that. Looking on Amazon there’s Horse Racing Manager which apparently has steeple chase races.


Look thru this list for more:

George asks…

Does anyone know of a horse racing game that is as good as “Winning Post” for Sega Saturn?

I use to have “Winning Post” for Sega Saturn. It was the best horse racing game I’ve ever played. The main features were fantastic. You were able to trian horses or sim it. You hired a jockey to race for you (like real life) so you watched the races. The breeding of horses was the best element of the game. If you had a amazing horse after you retired it you could sell it or use it in your farms breeding program.
Anyway, this was an amazing game with awesome replay value and I’m looking for a game that is the equal or better to Winning Post. If you answer let me know what platform its on.
Or if you have a sega saturn (working) in your basement and the winning post game (America Version) left me know by e-mail.

Denny answers:

Gallop Racer is supposed to be a good horse racing game for Playstation, and I think I remember hearing that another horse racing game is coming out.

- Horstradamus


Daniel asks…

are there horse games where you can just ride for fun and not race? like those old cd rom games?

i dont feel like racing games and trading games. i want to just free ride. any sites?

thankss (:

Denny answers:

Horse Isle or Horse Isle 2 (Legend Of The Esrohs)
Very fun games where you’re in a virtual horse world. Many nice players, and a very active community. You can explore isles and do quests for isle residents. Plus you can catch and train wild horses.

Nancy asks…

Do they still have the horse racing game in any casinos in Las Vegas?

I was in Vegas 3 week ago, and I was looking for the horse racing game they use to have in almost every casino. The last one I saw was in Excalibur. It was just to the left of the escalator heading up to the buffet. I would sit and play this game for hours. The last time I played it I was there for over 5 hours. I started with $20 and when I cashed out i had $19.75 Where else in Vegas can you spend 25 cents for over 5 hours of entertainment. I have emailed some of the casinos to ask if they still have them, but I have not gotten a answer from any of them. I am going back next month, and just want to know if I can find this game anywhere.

I put a link with the picture of the game below so you will know what game I am talking about.

(found this picture online. I don’t know who anyone in the the photo is. Just a disclaimer)

Denny answers:

I remember playing that game for HOURS, with my brother, at Circus Circus one year, many years ago.

I heard MGM had it for awhile. You might want to check with them.

Steven asks…

Horse racing simulation game for pc?

what games are there about horse racing for pc?? any link from where i can download would be appreciated…

Denny answers:

I haven’t tried it myself, so I can’t comment about it, but does feature a virtual derby.

Linda asks…

what is betfairs market share of the UK sports & horse racing online gambling?

What is there market share out of all the online bookmakers (Uk sports and horse racing, and online casino games, again poker separately) thanks

Denny answers:

You’ll have a hard time finding an answer to that one. These casinos aren’t real fond of telling the world how much money they rake in, nor how they compare to one another. Sorry I couldn’t be of more assistance!

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