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Susan asks…

Horse Racing using a Cow.?

If you took a random cow that is health and everything, and train it the best you could to be in a pro horse racing game would the cow do any good? what would happen?

Denny answers:

First of all if you took a cow, trained it and ran it in a race it wouldn’t be a horse race it would be a cow race. Second, if you took a cow, trained it and put it in a race you would have instant milk shakes!

Charles asks…

Are horse owners hurting their own business?

I realize why Black Caviar isn’t going to the Breeder’s Cup and why I’ll Have Another will never race again despite the vets opinion that he could get back in form. Yes, the owners want to protect their assets and are concerned with the welfare of their horses. But aren’t they hurting the horse racing game when the horses the fans want to see run are not running?

Denny answers:

Some thoughts on your question:

First of all, Black Caviar. This wonderful mare is now five. That puts her two years past the age when a lot of champions are hurried off to the breeding shed. She took on the best sprinters New Zealand and Australia had to offer, and she beat them fair and square. And then she got on an airplane and spent 30 hours travelling to England, not including clearing quarantine procedures at either end of the flight, and with just a few days of rest, she won the Diamond Jubilee Stakes at Royal Ascot in spite of “pilot error” by her rider and apparently injuring herself at some point. AND SHE’S STILL UNDEFEATED!!!!

This mare owes nothin’ to nobody. If her connections were willing to just parade her in the Breeders’ Cup so North American fans could see her, that would be more than we deserve. I hope she has a wonderful retirement and that her babies make her proud.

Regarding bringing I’ll Have Another back to race, and whether this would be good for the sport, here are some things that come to my mind.

Go For Wand with her broken leg dangling by strands in the Breeder’s Cup Distaff.

Barbaro being hauled off the track at Pimlico, and the long and ultimately futile struggle to save him.

Union City breaking down on the backstretch during the 1993 Preakness.

Do you want me to go on?

Yes, I’ll Have Another might have been patched back together and come back in about a year, and maybe he’d even have come back in something close to the form he showed in the Derby and Preakness. But it’s also true that he might have joined the list of horrific breakdowns that REALLY turn fans off, and it’s more probable than not that after a long lay-up and a return to training, he wouldn’t have returned to the form that had. Most horses don’t come back as good as they left after a long lay-up for injury.

Horse owners aren’t hurting their business by keeping horses with known injuries off the track.

Thoroughbred breeders, owners and trainers ARE hurting their business, though. And they’ve been doing it for close to 35 years now, and they’re fighting to keep on hurting it.

How? By continuing to argue in favor of use of race day medication of any kind.

Why? Because many, many, many so-called horsemen don’t know how to condition horses without resorting to the medicine cabinet.

There are glimmers of hope: the Kentucky Racing Commission’s decision to ban the use of Salix (also known as Lasix, generically furosemide) on horses entered in Graded stakes or races which could be graded, is a start. IMO, every single state racing commission should be falling all over themselves to follow Kentucky’s lead. But are they? Sure doesn’t look like it.

If you take and chart the percentage of horses racing on medication over the years, and then chart the number of career starts per horse, you’ll see an almost perfect correlation: as the percentage of horses racing on medication increases, the average number of starts per year and average number of career starts per starter goes down.

Data on drug use and breakdowns is harder to come by, because it’s only recently that most states mandated that racetracks maintain data on breakdowns during races and during morning workouts, but where data are available, again you see the correlation.

If the North American Thoroughbred industry wants to discontinue it’s march toward self-destruction, the first thing it needs to do is adopt a nationwide ban on all race-day medications. If this sounds radical, it’s not: it’s the rule for virtually everywhere else in the world where Thoroughbred racing is conducted. If horses can race without medication in England, Ireland, France, Germany, Itally, and every other major racing venue, why is it that in America we have owners and trainers screaming that a ban on race-day meds will destroy racing as we know it here?

Could it be that these people really don’t known diddly-squat about horses, that their expertise is in pharmacology, and that they can’t train without drugs? Can’t breed horses that are sound in wind and limb?

I’m all for retiring horses that are showing wear and tear. I want them off the track before they break down on it. And I want us to breed horses that are sound, and to have them conditioned by trainers who know how to keep them sound (it can be done), and raced by owners whose concern is to keep them sound and keep them racing for as long as they are unhurt and competitive.

Sandra asks…

used to have a horse racing game as a lad in the 1970″ had to turn a handle to make the horses move?

forward. it had a french name.maybe les cargort.does it ring a bell with anybody? thanks and merry xmas

Denny answers:


Mark asks…

Does anyone know where can i get a simulated horse racing game freeware online?thanks?

Denny answers:

I think on
There I founded a horse game that you need.

Donna asks…

Anyone know how to beat that electronic Horse Racing game- Royal Ascot.?

This is a game with 5 plastic horses. You can bet the winner….or the quinella.
They are in a few casinos.

Denny answers:

Of course not.. If you could beat it, it would not be found in casinos.

Jenny asks…

anyone know a good site for a free online horse racing game?

Denny answers:

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