Your Questions About Horse Racing Games

Mandy asks…

Anyone who knows a good horse-racing game for pcs?

any1 ther who knows?

Denny answers:

I haven’t found any really good horse racing games for pcs. There are several (Quarterpole, Farnam Horse Racing, etc.). There are a number of really good sims that you can play online. Check out and

Michael asks…

to download horse racing game for free?

Denny answers:

Not a download, but check out . It is an online horse racing simulation game and it’s free (also highly addictive).

Donald asks…

Xbox games that will work with a 360?

is it true some games DON’T work with a 360? I want to get Tom Clancey’s Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory and The Breeder’s Cup horse racing game in Xbox format or whatever, and I need to know if they work with a 360. One reason I want to get the xbox game is because it costs less and I don’t know if these games are on a 360. THANKS!

Denny answers:


this is a list of xbox games you can play on a 360, according to

Robert asks…

what’s a good on line horse racing game? Has anyone tried or anything like that?

Denny answers:

I downloaded digiturf and i personally thought it sucked and deleted it the same night. It wasnt very user friendly .

Sandy asks…

Alicia Horse Racing Game ?

Ok I wanna play this game SO bad! Can someone please tell me where I can download a English version of it? It is a downloadable game right? And where can I get it? Thank you:)

Denny answers:

Then Alicia’s the game for you! Alicia MMORPG is the latest game developed by Ntreev Soft. This isn’t just one of those hack and slash mmorpg. The game is all about Horse racing as well as breeding them. Think of it as Horse version of Gran Turismo. You can customize your character as well as the horse. Racing can level up your horse and its abilities. The turbo boost comes in the form of wings which gives additional speed. As a horse owner, you have some responsibility like feeding, grooming and training it. For now the game is in closed beta stage in Korea. I’m itching to play the game as soon as it is available in international servers

Lisa asks…

Our family plays online/download games all the time.We love horse racing.Is there a game, that we all can play?

Our family plays online or downloaded games all the time.Our daughter is absolutely crazy about horse racing.Is there a horse racing game out there that will let us all play

Denny answers:

Absolutely! Go to Their game allows you to set up multiple player accounts and then you can all compete against each other. It’s an absolute blast! My son and I face off against each other all the time. He usually wins (ahem), but we both give it our all and have a great time.

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