Your Questions About Horse Racing Games

Joseph asks…

The Really Nasty Horse Racing Game?

What is the ‘photo finish’ card for?
and all the other event cards if you know them?!?!!
Merry Christmas
why even bother answering then?!

and did you just copy and paste the cheers and merry christmas from me?!
what a cheek!!!

Denny answers:

I dont know this game…

Merry Christmas

William asks…

silverlit 4 lane horse racing game?

Denny answers:

Try Cost £39.94, delivery free in UK.

Daniel asks…

Anyone know of a good free horse racing game on the internet?

Denny answers:

EQUINATION is a free to play horse racing game with buying, selling, racing and breeding all for EQ dollars.

You can play for free for as long as you want or you can upgrade by paying an annual fee which allows you to enter cup races.

There are lots of young people playing there and it is a real horse lovers site.

Good luck

Betty asks…

What is the best racing game of all time?

Is it one of the earlier Need for Speed games or realistic simulation racing games such as Forza or Gran Turismo? What about racing games based on other sports such as marathon or horse racing?

Denny answers:

Dirt 2, Split/Second & Blur.

Carol asks…

Does Anyone Know Where I Can Find An Horse Racing Fantasy League Game?

Denny answers:

TVG has one:

The game is currently closed, but a new round should start sometime after the Breeders Cup. Also, Churchill Downs offers one during the Triple Crown season, should start in January or Februrary:

Robert asks…

Are there any horse riding games or karate game online for free?

In a horse game, I want to take care of a horse and ride it. I want to train it and race with it.

In a karate game I want to be a person who goes through the belts and competes in tournaments with other players.

Denny answers:

My favorite horse game:

John asks…

Did horse racing and gambling help or hurt the economy during the Great Depression?

My friends and I were playing a trivia game, and the last question was “Did horse racing and gambling help or hurt the economy during the Great Depression? Support your stance.” and we all had different answers, so in order to see who’s was right, I would like some assistance(: Thank you!!

Denny answers:

It was said that board games, and gambling grew during the Great Depression. Gambling increased as people sought any means to add to the income.
Monopoly board games sold 20 thousand sets within a week of coming out. Some really famous art that was created during the 1930′s was mount Rushmore and some very popular buildings today. Life has its own way of sorting things out and so it did and ever since then people don’t take everything for granted and people are always thankful for what they got and never for what they once had. So yes it help many get through..below are other interesting facts.. :)


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