Your Questions About Horse Racing Games

Sandy asks…

Is there a horse racing game that lets you type in random horse names and it generates random winners for you?

It can be either 2d or 3d. Or, if not an actual game, a script of some kind would be awesome.

Denny answers:

Yes,’s a link to compare random Horse Racing Fantasy games.. Http://

Some of them are really fun to play..check the link out above and find one that’s for you.

Enjoy :)

John asks…

Are there any good horse/farming games on PC/Xbox 360?

1. Looking for realistic equestrian game on PC or Xbox360. Simulation or otherwise. Ones like Horse Racing Manager or My Horse and Me 2.

2. Realistic Farming Game. Sim or otherwise, PC or Xbox360. Not harvest moon. Want mainly livestock part of farming please :)

Denny answers:

For Farming Game,Try Farming Simulator 2011
For Horse Game Try Activision’s GUN Its An Excellent Western Game
Hope it helps!! :)

Paul asks…

Ancient horse racing PC game?

Horse names include Trivia, Cherry Delight and Double Dynamity. A super old, super low quality game that must be abandonware by now.

Denny answers:

Is there a question there or are you just informing the public?

Otherwise, I never hear of anything you have stated.

George asks…

Is Alicia Online Horse Game Safe?

I Watched A Couple Of Alicia Online Horse Racing Game-play Online And I Am Very Interested In It And I Want To Play It Really Bad… Is It Safe? Does It Contain Any Viruses Or Lagging? And Is It Free?

Denny answers:

Yes the game is very much safe do`nt worry.

Susan asks…

does anyone know where i can find a horse racing video game for a mac or xbox360?

Denny answers:

There isn’t one yet for the 360. Sorry

Michael asks…

Any good horse games?

Im hoping someone will be able to give me some good ideas for some good horse games? prefer simul;ation but i can work with anything. I love racing horses to ^^

Denny answers:

Let’s ride (I love this game) choose from “Let’s ride- friends forever, Let’s ride- riding star”
Saddle up(i love this too) choose from “saddle up- time to ride, saddle up- with pippa funnell”
these horse riding games has story and is very nice.

David asks…

Horse Racing Computer Game?

I got it for my birthday I few years back, but now I can’t find the disk..And I can’t remember what it’s called. I remember it came with another game, a mystery solving game, where the girl worked at a city newspaper. It was Champion of Something or I think.
All I know is the girl someone gets a horse and goes to a stable to train it. There is a girl she doesn’t get along with, who has a beautiful black horse, and some guy.
Can Anyone Help?

Denny answers:

Find popular horse games and horse racing games. … 1300+ champion horses and 100+ tracks. Category: Games.

Click on link below it might help you find the one you’re looking for..otherwise very difficult to pinpoint – Good Luck to you! :)

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