Your Questions About Horse Racing Games

Charles asks…

Is there a horse race betting game similar to “football squares” we can play at a party?

Looking for something to make a party we are having during the Belmont a little more exciting.

Denny answers:

Why not take the same idea for football squares and apply it to the race.

Ie – Number of Horses by Placing 1st, 2nd, or 3rd.

Columns is Horses
Rows – 3 – One for each place.

So if 10 horses, you would then have 30 blocks to sell. 12 then 36, etc…

Have guests select squares randomly and once all the squares are sold.

Place all the horse names in a hat and pull one out and that is the horse for 1st column, next 2nd, next 3rd etc…

Then put numbers 1, 2 and 3 in a hat.
Pull first number to identify 1st row, then 2nd row and then last row.

Now everyone can see whether they want their horse to come in first second or third.

Set up prizes amounts:
1st Place (most money)
2nd and 3rd.

Now you are ready for the race.

Robert asks…

what are some good horse games online for free?

not a lame one…. i mean one where you can bush it, take care of it, and take it for a ride. but i dont want one where you race with your horse… like go to races.


Denny answers:

Go to I don’t play it but my friend does.

Sharon asks…

Horse racing conections in florida anybody?

does anyone have any sort of connection to horse racing in florida? please i love horse racing and want to become a trainer some day and i understand you have to start of just helping around at the track or shoveling crapbut i wanted to no if any body in florida had any connections to calder race course or tampa bay downs! please im 15 years old and no alot about the game. thx!

Denny answers:

I dont have any connections at those tracks but from experience in the horse world i know that if you go to the track and tell the manager that you are interested in one day becoming trainer and are willing to muck stalls an things like that for free he will probably let you and once you are doing that talk to trainers jockeys an barn managers the experience you gain from hands on work and talking with people i the business is unparalelled plus if you work hard they might even start paying you and giving you more responsibilities also make sure you do well in school because you will need to get into a an equine studies program if you want any one to take you seriously as a trainer

Betty asks…

name the arcade game involving horse racing where you sit on a horse and whip the horse by button, 1999 or so?

Denny answers:

The arcade at the New York-New York Casino in Las Vegas had a similar game in which you sat on the horse and whipped it and the horse would slow down if you settled into the saddle rather than stood in the stirrups. Unfortunately, I cannot recall the name of the game.

Mary asks…

Need help identifiying a game. It was a horse racing/betting/breeding game on either Sega Genesis or Sega CD?

Denny answers:

Was it Derby Owner’s Club you’re thinking of?

Susan asks…

Horse games for horse show fun class?

So my horse club is having a few fun classes at our next show in order to raise money for the club. I am incharge of comming up with some fun classes. These classes can include horses or not! Some suggestions i’ve gotten have been: carrot trail, egg and spoon race, bareback dollar, boot race, and others. We are going to do several, so i need suggestions! It needs to be something all ages can participate in, and of course it needs to be FUN! thanks!

Denny answers:

You can find about 100 games with rules under NZPCA team mounted games 2006

Here are some of the favorites where I ride:

Musical Stalls: The poles on the jumps are arranged on the ground and the horses trot around them in a circle while music plays. When the music stops, the horses and riders have to get in a “stall”. After a horse is elimenated, a stall is removed.

Pepsi Challenge: Riders carry a glass of Pepsi on their horse. As the competition moves on, you walk, trot, and even canter. When the time is up, the riders with the most soda in their cups win.

Pole Bending Race: A race at the walk or trot around an obstacle course to the end of the ring. The first rider to complete the course wins.

Ribbon Pairs: Two riders walk, trot, and canter holding a ribbon between them. The last pair holding the ribbon wins.

Costume Class: Riders dress up themselves and their horses. The categories are “Most Beautiful”, “Funniest”, and “Most Creative”, but you can make up other categories.

Simon Says: “Simon” gives commands (walk, trot, and canter around the ring) and the riders must do it immediately. The last rider remaining wins.

The winners got a jumbo chocolate bar.

Steven asks…

How to throw a party for my horse?

my horses birthday is in a week. I decided I’m going to make im a horse cake with crushed pepermints molases carrots apple etc and get party hats. All of my barn friends are helping me plan it and wed like to play games on the ground with all of our horses, like races,fun games. any ideas?

Denny answers:

You could do like gymkhana races but leading your horse, a good one is where you are in teams of three and you each in turn get to the other end as quickly as you can and your horse gets a carrot and your get a mini roll/ chocolate bar you both have to eat it as quickly as you can and get to the other end before the next person can go.
Another one which i did in a christmas gymkhana was like a Santa’s sherry thingy where you have plastic cups and a big bucket of water with food colouring in it and you are on your horse and you have to hold the cup with the liquid in it and pour it into a bucket at the other side then get back and the next person can go it is not a race and the team with the most liquid in their bucket at the end wins
have fun happy birthday to your horse x:)

Chris asks…

How did this whole horse racing thing start?

just wondering.

I find this funny but tommorow is Game 7′s so this should only continue for 1 more day.

Funny but

how did this start?
lol it is fun

They’re not even fighting back, so its getting boring lol

Denny answers:

The denver nuggets fan said we should “invade” their section ast night. So we did and they got pissed and start doing it to the basketball section.

I only participated because i was bored and it was kinda funny haha.

But i guess i had my fun, i’m done now

EDIT: how can they fight back when there is a total of 10 users on that section hahaha

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