Your Questions About Horse Racing Games

Sharon asks…

Horse Riding mmorpg games? <3?

I Know alot of people have asked about this but i am just double checking…
This there any online free 3D horse riding mmorpg, where you make a horse and click choose and stable and ride with people all over the world or something like that? Nothing like horse racing or show jumping just a nice realistic game…

Denny answers:

Red dead redemption. But i wouldnt avise u to play it. Its a SUPER VIOLENT cowboy game but you do ride with people all over the world on a horse. Or bull. But since u just want a horse riding game i dont think there is any horse riding mmorpgs. But u can ride horses in wow. But thats just an extremely small part of the game. Although you get to ride horses all the time. U have to be lvl 20 to ride horses. And u have to be a human.. GL

Mandy asks…

What can I do to be a success in the horse racing industry?

Anyone interested in this game?

Denny answers:

Jerry is dead wrong.

Check this out

Donna asks…

Why the hell was horse racing on ESPN during college football?

I couldn’t see the Texas game because of this BS.
I’m at Penn State and the MU v MSU game was on ABC.

Denny answers:

Good question. ESPN is run by a bunch of nitwits.

George asks…

does anyone know of any winter horse games?

riding in the winter gets really boring and cold. In the summer we play soccer and go swimming. i don’t want to do things like barrel racing or pole bending or jumping cuz we only have an outdoor arena and im afraid he might slip in the snow. does anyone know of any games you can play in the winter in the snow?

Denny answers:

Winter in ohio sure can get snowy but when theres less than a foot or so of snow we hitch a sled behind our horses and pull each other around. Just be careful that you have a quiet horse. I have also seen in some magazines some sort of skiing behind horses? I have never done that though!

Jenny asks…

can somebody give me the exact rules on the drinking game horse races?

i roughly know the rules, but i wanna make sure that im getting it all right, thnx

Denny answers:

I’m not sure which game you call Horse Races — but you can probably find it on one of these sites:

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