Your Questions About Horse Racing Games

Lizzie asks…

why is horse racing classed as a sport?

there would be no interest in horse racing if there was no gambling attached to it, therefore it should be a gaming pastime like poker where the only interest is to win money.

Denny answers:

You make a good point!! I never call horse racing a sport, if you do you should also call Black-jack, poker and other Vegas games sports!!!!!

Horse racing is so rigged with horse-weights, currupt jockey’setc. Calling it a sport is a joke!!!

Mary asks…

How much do you spend on horse tack a year?

include good quality:
haltrer &lead
gaming needs(splint boots, breast collors, ect.)
saddle pad
and whatever else you need for tack!

**FOR THE AVERAGE GAMING(barrel racing) HORSE!***

Denny answers:

Saddle- Bob Marshall Treeless Saddle/ $800 total

Bridle- jr cowhorse, tender touch, tom thumb, triple e one ear, triple ear browband, showing leather one ear barrel reins, bareback/trail reins- $150 total

Halter/Lead- black running horses halter, lime halter for shows, lime breakaway, lime lead line, “barney colored lead line, squishy shock absorbing lead line $85 total

Gaming needs- Professionals choice chocolate brown sport boots smb elite all around, professionals choice no turn chocolate bell boots, davis lime bell boots, purple no turn davis bell boots, breast collar lime green triple e tack, $250 total

Saddle Pad- Charmayne james barrel pad- $100

Grooming needs- i have too many brushes i just counted and have 87 brushes total for just one horse, $150

John asks…

Please,does anyone tell me where I can download games with horses,but menagment and racing,not for children?

Please,does anyone tell me where I can download games with horses,but menagment and racing,not for children?Something like “Gallop racer 2006″,but I need games for PC.Thank you

Denny answers:

Well thers a small online game at in the casino section. But I don’t know of any downloads like that.

George asks…

Playstation 2 Games????????????

I want to buy a horse racing game for ps2, but all the ones i find are not very realistic. Any suggestions? Best suggestion get the 10 points
ER I PLAY THEM!!!!!!!!!!!

Denny answers:

Try getting games in the Gallop Racing series. I had a demo and it was realistic.

Sandy asks…

does anyone no any fun no download horse games online?

besides howrse cuz i already hav an account but games where you can enter races and breed your horses and own a like that

Denny answers:


Richard asks…

can you find a interactive dvd game that includes horse racing and greyhound racing all in the one game ?

Denny answers:

No i have tried and was unsuccessful

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