Your Questions About Horse Racing Games

Joseph asks…

In the virtual horse game Howrse, do horses have to retire at a certain age?

Or can a horse race in his or her 20′s? Can the horses continue to breed until they die?

Denny answers:

Horses can continue to race up until the day they die and forever if immortal
Same goes with breeding

Donna asks…

What are the best Games on XBox?

What do you think are the best games on XBox, of all the generations?
Which is the best race car game?
Are you aware of one with horses, other than horse racing?
I’ve never played…which do you like better, 1st person or 3rd or what?

Denny answers:

I think the Fable series by far is the best for Xbox. Fable 3 is coming out soon, can’t wait for that.

Ken asks…

looking for a new video game for xbox360?

i want it to be similar in game play to :
dragon age
harvest moon
horse racing games

i dont like dark games where no matter how much i adjust my screen i cant see . not fond of shooters or futuristic spaceships ect.
i prefer knights, vikings, pirates and games where i have to farm or race.

any ideas?
i dont like crappy graphics, puzzles, card games on my console or lame story lines.

Denny answers:

Id reccomend either Red Dead redemption, or elder scrolls : oblivion

Mandy asks…

what are the best horse games on ds for boys?

my son is very into horse but he has a ds please can you reccommend some please he rides both english and wester. he likes show jumping, dressage , polo, horseball, xcountry, reining, barrel racing and most of al CARRIDGE DRIVING he hates racing

Denny answers:

This one is all about 3 day eventing, it’s called Mary King’s Riding School, by Ghostlight. It was published about 1-2 years ago, so it might not be available.

Check out the official website for the game:

Hope this helped!

Laura asks…

3D Horse Virtual Worlds?

Not My Horse Club or that horse racing game. It has to be 3D, and it has to be multiplayer, and you can be able to race other players using the keyboard. And, you can design the owner and horse.

Denny answers:

Um, I believe Nintendo has a new “My Pet Horse” game out of the 3DS.

Sandy asks…

Which card game has a same name as a horse racing venue?

Denny answers:

Yes, Newmarket, Newport Racecourse is East of England !

You many find this Interesting too: Playing Horse-

HORSE is actually an acronym describing a combination of poker games:
•Omaha high-low
•Razz (Seven card stud low)
•Stud (Seven card stud high)
•Eight-or-better (Seven card stud high-low)

Interesting Question !!!

Linda asks…

horse racing and the horse question?

ok, do you think horse racing is cruel ?

do you believe the horse actually enjoy’s what it has to do?

does it hurt the horse? should us as humans use the horse for a game?
personaly i believe it is cruel.

put it this way, imagine there was something of higher intelligance than human’s, and you as a human were being sat on top of and being used for a game, and being whipped to run faster, would u like it?
yes but viky…..driving a car is what we choose to do, driving a horse is what we choose to do, but it is a libing animal, who says a human shall ride on top of a horse? thats what im saying…
*living animal*

Denny answers:

Hi English,
Let me see if I can help you look at horse racing from a different perspective. There are different kinds of Horse racing, so lets look at what their differences are. This is just my opinion, so keep this in mind.
Steeple-chasing is an event held in my city every year. This is the first year in my recent memory that there were no injuries. I have long been opposed to this kind of racing because it is dangerous and serious injuries happen quite frequently. Horse and rider racing and jumping over barriers to see who can get tot he finish line first is not a normal act. When horses are running and have to put all their weight on their front legs, there are bound to be mishaps.

Cart racing. Horses are not at a full run when they are racing with these carts. They are basically doing a fast pace, and are not allowed to brake this pace in order to qualify. If they do break pace, they are out of the race.

Flat Racing. This has been going on for hundreds of years. Horses love to run. In the old days, this was the sport that the Kings bet on because it was considered to be the royal sport, hence, “The Sport Of Kings”.

I am not defending horse racing but look at it this way. My son had a visitor over last night. She left and in about an hour and a half, we got word that she had been in a terrible car accident. She was life-flighted to Vanderbilt Hospital. She is OK, but does that mean that we sould not drive cars because we will get hurt?

Terrible and sometimes life changing injuries occur in sport such as football, soccer, most every sport except maybe chess, there are injuries. You can even get hurt on a golf course. Does that mean that we should ban all sports?

All in all, I do not think that horse racing is cruel any more than I think that any other sport is cruel. Children brake their legs on the playground, so should we do away with monkey bars?

I go to the Belmont Stakes every year and enjoy a nice day of racing. I have been fortunate enough not to witness any serious injury, but they do happen. That is the only thing I do not like about the sport, but in light of injuries that occur in most all sports, I do not consider it cruel. Best to you

Lisa asks…

What are the federal income taxes for these gambling games, and make it simple because I’m fifteen?

1. Casino Games
2. Lottery Games
3. Horse/Dog Races and other wagering transactions
4. Bingo
5. Slot Machines
6. Keno
7. Poker Tournaments

Denny answers:

This may be a bit complicated for you unless you know what an income tax return looks like and gambling is a strange animal for tax purposes.

Winnings are subject to index at whatever the persons income tax rate is.

Losses can be deducted from taxable income up to the amount of winnings if you itemize deductions but not if you take standard deduction. As a general rule you will not itemize deductions if you are not buying a house.

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