Your Questions About Horse Racing Games

Laura asks…

Where can I get a mechanical spinning wheel horse race game enclosed in a carved wood case.?

Denny answers:

Search eBay under
Collectibles/Casino/Trade Stimulators
Collectibles/Casino/Slots/Antique Slot Machines

Richard asks…

In Harvest Moon Tree of Tranquility, can you unlock the horse racing minigame after being married.?

I am playing as a girl character and married Luke but did not get Kathy up to five hearts. Is it too late to unlock the mini game or can I still get it after I get Kathy to five hearts?

Denny answers:

No you can still unlock the mini-game. Marriage doesn’t change much in the game!

Steven asks…

Where can I find Sigma Derby Games in Las Vegas?

The sigma derby game is an old style mechanical horse racing machine that several players play a one time. There used to be one at the MGM, near the sports book, but the last time I was there it had been removed. It was a lot of fun (not a good bet though) and I was wandering if there was still some around town.

Denny answers:

You may be able to play online now know as Derby day – go here

Lizzie asks…

Need help finding horse names.?

Okay.. so this may sound dumb.. but i do this online horse racing game and we kinda breed horses back and forth and stuff. Im not very creative with coming up with horse names so i was hoping you guys could help a little.
I’ll Give you the names of the horses im thinking about breeding..

#1. Mare- PurplePlumPie
Stud- Panda Bear

#2. Mare- PurplePlumPie
Stud- Lemonade

#3. Mare- PurplePlumPie
Stud- Tantrum

I also Have a mare named Purple Goo ( Dont ask.. My little sister named her) That i could breed to any of the Studs mentioned.
When you give me answers please tell me the mare and stud you think i should breed to get a baby with that name. You can tell me The names for multiple matches if you want.

Denny answers:

It deffinatly is not dumb, I play a game called Ponybox, it is awesome!
I’m just going to give you names for each of the pairs you have chosen, along with the Purple Goo mare.

#1. Purple Panda Bear— Panda Pie— Purple Bear
#2. Purple Lemonade— Lemon Pie
#3. Purple Tantrum— Plumpy Tantrum— Tantrum of Pie
#4.( Purple Goo and Tantrum ) Gooey Tantrum
#5. ( Purple Goo and Lemonade ) Sour Goo

Michael asks…

can anyone name me a list of games where at some point you can ride a horse?

Im not talking about horse racing simulators or barbies ‘lets ride’ game. i mean like zelda, or that new game coming out ‘Two Worlds’.
are there any others??

Denny answers:

Shadow Of The Colossus, AWESOME game, and you constantly have a horse with you.

Also in most of the Dynasty Warriors game you can get horses. And in some of the Lord of the Rings games as well.

Sandra asks…

Does anyone know a virtual horse game where i can race a horse and have fun?

Denny answers:


you can either be a paying member or play for free. Its an ever improving game with a great society of members from all around the world.
The forum co-inciding with the site is also great.

You can race a stable of horses and converse with the other members- mostly everyone will give you a hand with the game.

If you do decide to give this game a go- email me at>
-and I can give you a hand

Mark asks…

Horse games for either gc,ds,pc,wii,or PS2?

I love horses but I don’t like just racing them. I like being able to care for them. Like a ranch. Anyone know any games like that for Game Cube DS Wii PC or PS2

Denny answers:

We found Petz Horsez 2008 UBISOFT to be somewhat challenging, especially when the foals get sick and it has been hard to figure out how to care for the foals. Most recently during game play my daughters barn burned down and the game told her that her horse was killed in the fire. She is only 8 and was devastated. After more game play the barn was restored. She does like the game, but again some of the concepts to maintain the foals seems to be very challenging.
The lowest total price we got it at$15,check out any interest

Have fun!

Jenny asks…

How would you like pen and pencil games based around sports?

It would be sorta like Dungeons & Dragons meets fantasy sports, and would be more accessible compared to the latter. Here are some of the sports they should make games out of.

NCAA Football
NCAA Basketball
Horse Racing
Formula 1

What do you think?

Denny answers:

U cant do that play multicomand games whit pend and pencil
but why dont u try world of warcraft 3.3.2 on

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