Your Questions About Horse Racing Games

George asks…

horse racing: if i bet $20 to win and the odds is 8, how much do i win?

my horse came in 1st in the game and it says win 18.20… what does that mean?

Denny answers:

You won $182. Congratulations! The $18.20 represents how much a $2 win bet would pay on that horse. In this case, you bet 10 times that amount. Thus, You win $18.20 x 10 = $182.

Steven asks…

Horse Games?(10 points for best anwser)?

Whats a free horse game on the computer that lets you breed and race and sell horses. Plz list websites.

Denny answers:

Try this. There are many people that use it

Ken asks…

horse has jerky gallop when mastered racing skill on sims 3?

im running a breeding program on my game (dont worry, i dont think its right in real life) and when i mastered the racing skill with my horses, their gallops became jerky and stuttery. they were fine before at level 9 etc. and i’ve tried the reset sim cheat and still the same. i’ve restarted the game and yet again its still the same.

any suggestions on how to fix this?

Denny answers:

You buy a new computer

Paul asks…

im not alowed to ride my morgan horse for a year, is there any games horses like to play?

i am leasing a black morgan horse named jack. im leasing him till spring and i dont want my money to go to waste is their any games horses like to play because barrel racing and western sports is really the only thing he likes to do.
i am leasing a black morgan horse named jack. im leasing him till spring and i dont want my money to go to waste is their any games horses like to play because barrel racing and western sports is really the only thing he likes to do.
sorry guys i was in a car accedent and i had a severe concussion with internal bruising and bleeding :(

Denny answers:

Is this a soundness issue that you can’t ride, or a punishment for you, or due to your health problems, or ____? It would make a difference in the suggestions I would make.

Going for walks is a great way to spend time with your horse. You can enjoy going out on the trails, or the suburban streets if that’s where you and Jack live. I always do that with my green horses to get our relationship off to a good start. We can learn basic cues for walk, trot, and whoa while checking out the scenery and even the local monsters. I’ve had a couple of horses that just had a terrible time dealing with a baby carriage, but when I’m right there on the ground next to them, they learn it’s OK, the funny-smelling black hole on wheels is harmless – and sometimes it has a pets dispenser in it (not Pez the candy, but loving pets on the nose.) When my mare boogered at a baby carriage then learned that a little child was inside, she instantly got over it – she LOVES little kids!

Besides seeing the great outdoors beyond the pasture fence, you can play together with ground obstacles. Practice asking your horse to step over and around whatever strange things you can find or make – ground poles, tarps, plywood sheets, jingle bells, a cage of guinea pigs or guinea fowl, barrels, foam swim noodles, foam pipe insulation, plastic bags – the list is limited only by your imagination. Ask for every response you will want from him when you’re able to ride again – sidepass, left and right turn on the forehand and hindquarter, backing up, jumping over a little log or cross poles. Walk him halfway across a ground pole. While his front feet are on one side and his hinds on the other, ask him to sidepass across it.

Another silly thing I like to do to help grow a horse’s confidence is to slap those big metal signs alongside the roads. Of course, start out easy, and ready for a reaction. Just give the sign a little ‘twang’ and be ready to reassure the horse. Let him step or even jump away, but keep your cool so he comes to understand it really isn’t a big deal. Before long, he will just say to himself, “Oh boy, there she goes again, that silly human! Another boring attempt to make me spook.” When they reach that poinbt, you know you’ve really built up their confidence because nothing bothers them.

Use your creativity and have fun with this horse. This might be the best year of not riding you’ll ever have, and maybe even the best year for your horsemanship, because it will force you to really think about things to do. Just jumping on and moseying down the trail isn’t an option, so you can come up with other things to do that might just help you learn new things along with your horse.

Lisa asks…

Seniors, do any of you remember going to the old roller derby games of the 50′s and 60′s?

I don’t remember all the teams, but I remember one of the gals was a blond woman named Shirley Hardman. I think she may have played for the Thunder Birds. I really got excited hen we found out we were going to get to go see these games now and again. Pretty rough and tumble, but I sure liked them. Does anybody else ever remember these games.

Just a side note: They wanted to put this under horse racing. LOL!

Denny answers:

I was a member of a team from a small town in Pa back in 1949-50. Never made it to TV though. Tv was still in it’s infancy back then. I didn’t see my first one until 1954.

Donald asks…

What is Aussie Pursuit at a horse game show?

It’s a game, like barrel racing or speed and action. It is on the playbill for a fun show I want to go to. What is it and what do you do?

Denny answers:

It’s a trot race. Whoever gets the best time without breaking into a canter or lope, wins the class.

Michael asks…

can somebody help me find the name of these board games?

i used to love these two games. 1 i first played when i was only 8 or 9 (1995-1996). my friend had this board game, but i think it was her older brothers. basically it was this horse racing board game, but i just don’t remember much about it, only that i would only go to my friends house to play it lol. basically you had to get your horse from the starting line to the finish line. the 2nd board game is going to be even harder to try & work out. basically my school had this board game around for years. i remember it being there from the time i was about 6 or 7, but we were never allowed to play it until we were in the sixth grade, i think maybe cos it was a big kid game, obviously it was still a kid game, just a little bit older. but i was dubbed a nerd for going to the library every day & sitting alone playing it…. i can’t remember ANYTHING about this game, except maybe it had the word teenager in it, or it had something teenag-ie about it… yeah i don’t think you’ll guess hey, i am just trying to wrack my brains to remember more about these games…. does anybody know of any website that could have these games on the list???? i want a list that doesn’t have hannah montana or twilight on it (as these are far too new), i want classic games only.
i do remember the box was black & dark purple for the 2nd game..
you’re not going to believe this, but i found one game, and remember the name of the other….

win, place & show
just say no to drugs game

Denny answers:

Friend, I’m glad you figured out the names of the games on your own because your descriptions were pretty vague. Anyway, although, Win, Place & Show has been out of print for over a decade, it is still pretty easy to find. It was published by 3M (the Scotch Tape people) and Avalon Hill. There should be some copies available right now on EBay. Just Say No is going to be tougher. You might try to find people trading away or selling both games.

Susan asks…

pLEASE give me a code or syntax in making a simple horse race game like..H——– plEASE..?


its must be random.. thanx

Denny answers:

What are you talking about?

Joseph asks…

Good horse racing game for PC?

I’m looking for one with the following features:

- Horse creation (you can create your own horse, choose the coat colors and name him/her, etc)
- Pedigrees
- Competing against other stables
- Playing as either the owner, trainer, jockey and/or betting
- 3D racing
- Something similar to Track King, but for PC (I know there’s all kinds of online games I can play, but I want something to tinker with during my down time at work).

Thanks!! 10 points to best answer!

Denny answers:

No pc games meet all your demands.

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