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Charles asks…

horse racing . quit the nonsense?

no matter what the distance 5f – to – 4mile ,

they dont even race flat out untill the last furlong ,

so wheres the logic in the long races ?

all races should be 1 furlong , so the horses race flat out from start to finish , then horse racing would be the name of the game ,
i rest my case dickhead ,

nobody needs stamina at 1 furlong , so they can all run as fast as they can from start to finish

Denny answers:

Hi Horse,
Quarter Horses do run flat out, but they run in yards and furlongs are for Thoroughbreds. They are both bred to run different distances. Thoroughbreds are more endurance horses, and nowadays do not ever run for four miles. In fact, the longest race they run is a mile and a half, and most will only run that distance once in their lives, and most will not ever even run that distance. In the early 1900′s horses did run longer distances, but not these days.

You are right about one thing. Jockey’s do not ask their horses for their best until the last furlong. The reason for this is that they do not want them to tire out too much before the end of the race so that they can use their energy for the end of the race. Many do tire out even running with the pace, and flat poop out during the last furlong.

Running only one furlong would not put their endurance to the test. But when young two-year-olds first start their racing career’s, it is very common for them to run only two furlongs. This is part of getting them used to the track, and building their endurance. So really, it is a gradual learning experience for them. So, I hope this helps to explain it to you.

For my personal troll, do not give me thumbs down, jusjust be big enough to give a better answer than mine. I know what I am talking about, and if you don’t like it, post something and prove me wrong instead of being such a coward and giving me thumbs down.
Lifelong horse racing enthusiast

Laura asks…

I want to start barrel racing on my horse but I don’t know how to work with her?

My horse is a 13 year old arabian, quarter horse cross with a bit of thoroughbred. Her name is Destiny or Destined To Be Gold and used to be a gaming horse. She is always ready to run and that kind of makes it hard. I don’t know what her previous owners did with her and that’s the difficult thing. I have always been fascinated by barrel racing and I want to try it on Dessy (Destiny). She’s really well muscled and fast. I had a thoroughbred that was used in races and she was even faster than him. I don’t have any barrels so I was thinking of using plastic garbage cans but I’m not sure if that’s good or not. Dessy is well mannered and sweet. She loves attention and riding time. I have used her for trails and a bit of jumping which I still have to work on because every time I take her over a one foot jump, she bucks. The last owner said she never bucks but the person was wrong because I’ve had her over a year and she’s bucked several times. But overall, she’s a very good horse and I think with her attitude, stamina, and determination, she’d make a fantastic barrel racer.
I’ve ridden horses since I was at least 2 years old, I’m 13 years now. I’ve taught myself how to ride with occasional tips from my mom and I started out on a very green-broke horse which led to me getting bucked off a lot but I learned to get back on. My mom has ridden her whole life like me and she had a horse that she could ride with nothing but a piece of twine acting like a bridle and my mom could basically do barrel racing that way. I want to be kind of like my mom, able to do barrel racing perfectly.

Any tips that could help with my horse‘s training? Oh and it would be hard getting a professional trainer since my family is sort of low on money.

Denny answers:

I am posting a couple of sites to help you get an idea. Good luck

Joseph asks…

Games To Play On Horse Back…With My Friend. ( Not Races ) LOL?

What are some games my friend and i could play…other than races…because her horse is a “tad” faster than mine lol :p Thanks Guys (: I need Games To play on horseback!

Denny answers:

What I do with my group is to grab a partner and ride side by side. Start out at a walk and toss a ball or a baton back and fourth. Begin to gradually get up to a trot or canter and continue tossing the object. Work with other partners so the horses get used to working together. This is a great warm up exercise for both you and the horse.

Lizzie asks…

what is a fun horse game download/online?

my sisters and i are extrmely bored at my grandpa’s, and i know that we are all into horses somewhat. what are some fun horse games where you can customize your horse and race and what not. suggestions?

please, free games only :)

Denny answers:

Horse riding Games

Linda asks…

Best online horse games?

So this is what I want:
-something virtual, not a sim game. I want to be able to see and interact with the horses
- not howrse. i hate howrse
- don’t have to download it on the computer
-it’s free
-it can be anything: racing, jumping, western, whatever
Thanks so much!

Denny answers:

Iw ould suggest horse isle to, your can do barrels, jumping and they update often, tons of breeds, different colors, cool tack, easy money earning quests, rewards for questing, horse companions, and freedom of roaming different isle, also with the ability to catch wild horses. You can also have mules, zebras, ect.

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