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Maria asks…

Can a gaited horse like a Tennessee Walker be used for barrel racing or pole bending?

I like the ride of a TW but would like to do some fun games with my son in the summer. My current TW is 26 and will do anything I ask but he is old and slowing down. I heard a guy tell me once he was compeditive on a walker

Denny answers:

Yea you can but your going to be breaking gate so much it’s not going to be very fun. The problem with trying to run a TW on poles is that non-gated horses can doing flying leads unlike gated. So if your expecting a full run out of it the chances of that actually happening are very slim. Barrels the same case except your going to have only two lead changes if you set your horse up in the correct lead for that first barrel. Not going to lie but that could be a very bumpy ride for ya love. Take it easy on your TW just because of the age and even though your horse is willing, it may try to give you all it’s got and even hurt himself. Take it easy if your in deep sand or soil. You don’t want to have a muscle pulled especially if your horse drops his shoulder into the barrels. Hope that helped…

Mandy asks…

Horse Racing Form HELP!?

Anyone know where to download (a program generator or something), or how to make a horse racing program on the computer? I’m creating a game for fun at home and want a “real” program to go along with it…ya know, I want it to look like the daily racing form for example. Thanks!

Denny answers:

I’m not exactly sure what you’re going for here, but one of the two following free links could help.


Betty asks…

Fun horse back games?

I am one rider with one horse and nobody to ride with. Since it is winter, my horse and I need something to fill up our time besides riding in circles in the arena or racing ourselves in the field. I am looking for games that my horse and I can do so that we don’t get bored. Please and thanks!
My horse and I contest (barrels, pole bending, etc.) so anything like that wouldn’t be helpful. I am trying to keep her out of work until the beginning of 2011. Oh, and keep in mind I don’t have anybody to ride with so mutiple rider games would be out of the question. Thanks!

Denny answers:

A fun game for you and your horse could be “soccer”. It can be played any season. I used to do this all the time years ago when I babysat. We’d get one of those large balls they sell at toy stores. Saddle up and steer your horse in the direction of the ball. Urge her to walk into it causing her to “kick” it. It can be fun for both you and your horse once you “get the ball rolling!” In time, if your mare enjoys this, you may find that you won’t even have to steer her, she’ll want to kick it! Hope this helped a bit.

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