Your Questions About Horse Racing Games

Lizzie asks…

why would they put a horse racing pregame show on and not the ottawa senators ot game?

damn horse racers

Denny answers:

NBC was under contract to show the entire race, including the pregame/pre-race show. If the NHL could get a better contract, they could have had a clause overriding that, but Mr. Bettman and the rest of the people running the show have done such a poor job or running the league that now it must take whatever it can get.
You would never see a NFL overtime game get cut short like that. How many times do they announce that viewers will see the regularly scheduled show already in progress.
Hockey could have that power, if better people were running it, not running it into the ground. Viewership is down 40%. How much more of this mismanagement are the players and owners going to take. As a executive, if I delivered a 40% decline in any category, I would be fired.

Mandy asks…

could my horse do barrel racing??

i just finished up western training with my 12 year old appendix.
I want to teach him to barrel race, but he’s 16.1HH… is he too tall?? i know gaming horses are usually smaller. he can RUN, so i’m sure he’d be good. how could i teach him? is he too tall? too old? there are alot of beginner/fun gaming shows in my area that start in the spring and i was hoping to compete in them, but i know it takes time.
isnt that what its called?? i have no background in it only western pleasure. i know its a sport lol, looks like fun!

Denny answers:

Yes, gaming is barrel racing, pole bending, and other open speed events.
And yes, your horse could do very well in barrels. My 16.1 Appendix gelding is very good (just herd sour, so he doesn’t go as fast on the way out) and what he lacks in turning, he makes up for in speed.
To teach him, do whatever you think is best for your horse. He should be able to trot and lope small circles easily, do flying lead changes at a fast pace easily, rate (gallop to lope on command) easily and keep a consitent turn (no shouldering in at the barrel). Sidepassing, good backing up, turning on haunches and forehand always help the cause and make your horse more responsive – sometimes you need to move them over while you going around the barrel. If they can’t do it at the walk they can’t do it at a lope while turning that sharp.

Some good exercises to do are rollbacks (lope, stop, turn, lope – towards or away from the wall), rating around one barrel (fast lope/hand gallop to a single barrel, stop about 10 feet away from it, back up, pick up lope and continue around – or just gallop to it, slow to a lope 10ft. Before and continue around if it is easier for your horse to rate).
Figure 8s are really good too.
Read Sharon Camarillo’s websites or get her books.

Donna asks…

fun and games at horse shows?

so im going to this horse show and i hav a pleasure horse and im going to a horse show. but my horse also likes to run alot and is pretty fast she is also really smooth so i think im going to do some of the fun games at the show but i dont know what some are so could you please help me.

1. ribbon race
2. color coners
3. musical stalls
4. bribe your horse
5. water race
lately i have been getting alot of idk’s on my questions. please do not out idk or anything along those lines if you dont know the answer please do not post

Denny answers:

1– Ribbon race–you need a partner for this (some shows will let you choose–others will pick for you)–you have a length of ribbon in between you and you have to each hold on to it while moving through walk,jog,canter, back-up, sometimes side-pass, stopping—-the last team to become separated (ie drop the ribbon) wins—its a game of elimination

2–Colour Corners im pretty sure is you get assigned a colour and you have to walk, jog or lope around the ring and when they call your colour you have to go to the corner with your colour in it–last rider to each corner is disqualified

3–Musical Stalls—think Musical Chairs on horseback

4–I have no clue what Bribe Your Horse is—sounds pretty straight forward though–i dunno though sorry!

5– Water race Im pretty sure is when you have a glass filled with water and you have to go through the gaits when told to (walk,jog,etc) –the rider with the most water at the end of the class wins—-you should do well in this as your horse is a pleasure horse…

Good Luck!

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