Your Questions About Horse Racing Games

Laura asks…

Parts of a horse track?

I’m creating a realistic horse racing simulation game and need to know the names of the different parts of a horse racing track which would be used for flat racing. Any information would be greatly appreciated…Thanks

Denny answers:

This could go on forever.

First turn, clubhouse, paddock, jocks room, stewards, stretch, turf course, tote board, finish line (wire), winners circle, starting gate, then you have the backside, the test barn, grandstand (apron), quterpole, 3/8, half mile pole, 3 quarters, the gap on the track, the chute (most tracks only have a chute for running 3 quarters of some for a mile if its only a half mile track), then you got the rail, jumbo tron, simulcasting area, synthetic track surface, poles (distance markers), infield. And theres just tons more than i could think of these where just off the top off my head.

James asks…

What are some great psp games in these categories?

I want some games in these categories:
City ‘management’ (Like SimCity)
Life Sim (Like Stick RPG)
Driving (Like Asphalt, hopefully including free drive, like GTA with more racing and cars)
Turn Based Combat or Battles (Like Advance Wars)
(And for my sister) Horse Care/Racing/Riding

Thanks for any suggestions!

Denny answers:

Turn based = Field Commander or Warhammer Hammer of Dawn
For your sister = Loco roco??

Daniel asks…

Was Dawns Delight the oldest winning flat race horse in the last 50 years?

This game and genuine horse was owned and trained by Ken Ivory, and I backed it when it won a race in the 1990s at the age of 17years.
Have there been any older winners?

Denny answers:

This is a game ,
No horse ever ran flat in the usa 17 yrs .. Never,

Lizzie asks…

What’s the best PS2 games for the following genres?



RPG(playable for adults too not kiddish)



Racing(horses and ididarod type racing)

PLEASE don’t put games that are M rated since most of them are as gory as that movie “texas chainsaw massacre” any other rating is good. I play Spyro, Jak and Daxter and some rpg games.

Denny answers:

Ratchet and clank games are just like jak and daxter same with sly cooper

Linda asks…

Virtual horse games?

Okay what good online free horse games are there? I’ve found places like sime horse and stuff like that, but i don’t want to play those ones, i just want something I don’t have to join and make an account to keep up on, i’m not on the computer that often to do that stuff. are there any rodeo games to play? like with competion? also who plays horsey race on

Denny answers:

Uhmm go to and type in free virtual horse games and then press the first one. But i think that you have to sign up for most of the games

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