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John asks…

where can i find out about old marx toys?

i need help , i cant find out anywhere about a marx toy called RACE is a horse racing game it runs on batteries i need help…

Denny answers:

I found a Marx Toy Museum..
Of Glen Dale
West Virginia.

They would be a good place to start.

Paul asks…

Horse racing trivia question, day 2?

No one got the right answer yesterday (of course the question was designed that way), so here’s today’s clues. First, a little reminder of the rules if you’re new to the game.

Here’s the rules… Your goal is to guess the name of this horse. Each day, I’ll give you one horse out of this horse‘s pedigree along with a clue about this horse‘s racing career. You get one guess per day. The clues will start off pretty hard, but they’ll get easier each day, so I don’t expect anyone to get the right answer for a few days, but keep trying!

Yesterday’s clue:

Pedigree hint: Native Dancer

Racing career hint: multiple graded stakes winner

Today’s clue:

Pedigree hint: Nashua

Racing career hint: raced on dirt, turf, and synthetic, but only won on two of the surfaces.

And a couple of hints.
1. I don’t want the european horse fans to be mad at me, so I’ll tell you outright that it’s a US horse.
2. It’s a bit more of an obscure horse, not your obvious ones like Curlin, Affirmed, Alydar, Ruffian, etc.

good luck, and keep playing!

Denny answers:

Arson Squad fits the profile.

He’s related to Native Dancer and Nashua on his dad’s side. He’s won 3 graded stakes. He’s raced on all 3 surfaces, but only won on dirt and synthetic. He’s also a bit obscure and a US horse.

Jenny asks…

Another Horse racing tragedy? What happened?

Sorry I’m lost here. Haven’t watched much tv except the Yankee game earlier. Did another Barbaro tragedy happend?

Denny answers:

From Yahoo news report:

Big Brown wins, Eight Belles euthanized at Kentucky Derby
29 minutes ago

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP)—Big Brown backed up his trainer’s boasts with an explosive finishing kick and won the Kentucky Derby on Saturday—a day marred by the fatal breakdown of the filly Eight Belles.

The cheers for the winner’s decisive victory were cut short when Eight Belles, the runner-up, was euthanized on the track minutes after the race when she collapsed with two broken front ankles.

The unbeaten Big Brown took charge when the 20-horse field turned for home. Under the urging of jockey Kent Desormeaux, Big Brown cruised to a 4 3/4 -length victory to become the seventh unbeaten Derby winner with his fourth consecutive win. The last one was Barbaro in 2006.

Eight Belles was attempting to become the fourth filly to win the Derby. However, as the horses galloped out around the first turn, the filly fell to the ground and jockey Gabriel Saez jumped off.

An equine ambulance came onto the track, but the filly could not be saved, said Dr. Larry Bramlage, the Derby’s on-call veterinarian.

“When we passed the wire I stood up. She started galloping funny. I tried to pull her up. That’s when she went down,” a distraught Saez said.

I find it so sad. The decision had to have been a very hard one indeed. Barbaro was a sad story as well. I would not try to second guess the decision.

Daniel asks…

What kinds of ps2 games would you recommend for a girl?

Anything with horses or horse racing in particular? Also nothing too easy.
Nothing with war or any junk like that.

Denny answers:

Try getting the sims 2 pets or sims 2 castaway.

Lisa asks…

Is horse racing really worth betting for?

I am just wondering if actually horse racing is worth betteing for.What are some of the secrets of this game..and why is it hard for alot of people to win even magicians

Denny answers:

Here’s a link to great tips for betting on horses.

Sandy asks…

Horse Pc game.?

Does any one know any good horse game that you can breed them sell them and ride them.Not those one games that you just race horses.

Denny answers:

There are PC games with the name Pippa Funnell which are supposed to be good. I think there are 4 of them. The latest being:

Pippa Funnell: Secrets Of The Ranch (PC)

It’s features include:

- Raise your horses from birth to competition developing their abilities as the adventure goes on.
- More than 35 decors and environments: 6 equestrian centres to train your horses, 6 different competitions to win, 6 outdoor environments to ride around in.
- All equestrian activities of a real ranch: clean your horses, train them in cross country, jumping and dressage and enter into exciting competitions to test you and your horses abilities and skills.
- Create your own foal who will have skills and characteristics according to the mother and father you choose.
- Improved animations from previous games to create a more realistic adventure.
- A multi-path adventure: several different endings to the adventure depending on your choices.
- Meet 7 new characters and well as 7 characters from previous games.
- Dynamic changes in weather and time for a more varied experience.
- Shop in the village for new items, clothes and riding gear.
- Show your horses on the internet, check your friends progress and get codes to unlock hidden content.

Here’s a link (it’s UK link):

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