Your Questions About Horse Racing Games

Sharon asks…

What was the title of that old game show where they would “hunt” for different gifts in a room full of boxes?

I can’t remember the title…. also..anyone remember that interactive horse racing game on the game show network? well what happened to that?

Denny answers:

It was Treasure Hunt and there were 30 boxes with a surprise in each…

Laura asks…

Who in the horse racing section joins with me in mourning the loss of the great show jumper Hickstead?

I just got word this morning about Hickstead’s tragic and sudden death in Italy yesterday following a sucessful competition there. Apparently, he and his rider, Eric Lamaze of Canada, had just completed their jumping round and were walking out of the arena, when suddenly the stallion collapsed. A veterinary team was there within moments, but the stallion had already died. An autopsy is planned during the next few days to determine the cause of death, but a preliminary report from one of the attending vets indicates the horse may have had a heart attack. Hickstead is best known as the horse that won the individual gold medal at the 2008 Olympic Games. He and his rider had been having a phenomenal year up to this point- their last major win was on September 11, when they won the Grand Prix at Spruce Meadows in Alberta. It’s my understanding that Lamaze and all the stallion’s connections are devastated- and my prayers are with them. I would like to offer anyone who wishes a chance to add their own respects. It’s the right thing to do. Please, no RUDE answers.

Denny answers:

I never get used to hearing this type of news. I experienced sadness along with severe chills when I first heard. I read that the emotional impact was instant, commentators on live television were heard crying, while people in the audience covered their faces in disbelief, unable to watch, while others hugged the people beside them, all shocked into silence. Yet another Journey’s end, with a trail of tears, one last ride, one last embrace. RIP Hickstead.

This is beautiful and something I choose to believe as well- by -Stanley Harrison (Hoofprints)-

“Somewhere…somewhere in time’s own space
There must be some sweet pastured place
Where creeks sing on and tall trees grow
Some Paradise where horses go.

For by the love that guides my pen
I know great horses live again.”

-Stanley Harrison

My heart and prayers goes out to all who love him and to those of us who are truly touched.

John asks…

How can I zoom out of the screen to play a game?

I have downloaded this game, Virtual Horse racing 3D for my Samsung Galaxy Appolo Android and the screen is all zoomed in so i cant see the buttons and what i should press at the bottom… Can anyone help me, thanks
How do you change the screen resolution?

Denny answers:

Change the screen resolutions

Chris asks…

just for fun information or games of horses?

can anyone give me any pros and cons of owning a horse and what kind of supplies they need and sorta how to take care of them or any links would be fine and if you dont want to can you give e some online games with horses NO RACING PLEASE

Denny answers: is a pretty cool game online
as far as owning a horse theres many articles and info online
heres a good one

as far as pros and cons
pros- you learn so much, horses teach you more than you teach them, horses love unconditionally hen you gain their trust, there’s so much more and it would take forever to name all of them
cons- falling off (but you still learn from it), and horses take up a lot of money
but the pros so outweigh the cons big time

Joseph asks…

Who wants to make a bet with me?

Here’s the bet: I’m not gonna get married ever!
(unless it’s Taylor Lautner) Horse Racing
Games & Recreation > Gambling
Entertainment & Music > Jokes & Riddles
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Denny answers:

If you win: You get a dollar
If you lose and get married: You have to get a divorce

Robert asks…

Does anybody know how to mount on the horse on the harvest moon game?

I like this game alot some people think its lame but its nice to play when your bored it’s like a watered down version of sims just not so advanced but ive recieved more than 2 hearts for the horse and supposely on the booklet it says that you can ride him after two stars are obtained i try clicking on him but all it says is that hes terrific and how good he is does anybody know how i can ride the thing in town i’m not talking about when theres horse races. Please help!!!

Denny answers:

You have to wait until hes full grown, so whenever he has a saddle you can ride him, once he has a saddle you just go up to him and press the action button, i don’t know which HM you are playing, but whichever button you press to pull the crops, then you should be able to ride him

Charles asks…

Adult Party Games or Themes?

My parents host a Christmas party every year and it is something that everyone looks forward to. We have done a pin the tail on the reindeer, reindeer games, reindeer racing (small bets involved) and you cheer on your reindeer (almost like horse racing on a cruise), etc. We are looking for some adult games or themes for the night. No gifts involved, just gathering with appetizers and cocktails! Ready go!

Denny answers:

Winterwonderland theme. I had it for my 21st and it was great. Plus it sort of fits the xmas theme too!
Here are some of the ideas I used.

Fake snow.
Flower the grass to look like snow
Handing snowflakes
Blue fairy lights
inflatable snowmen, polar bears etc.
White fur table clothes
Bue and white candy and foods
Blu Cocktails, Drinks, jelly shots –> Ideas

As for games here are some of my favs.


You could also play an adapted version of bobbing for apples but something like bobbing for the glacier, make a blue punch with marshmallows and people have to bob to get the marshmallows.

Hope this helps!

Nancy asks…

I’m looking for a good ONLINE simulated horse game.?

I’m looking for a good online horse sim game where the horse actually moves. it would be nice if i was role playing a wild horse. here is a list of the components of the game that CANNOT be acepted by me and i DO NOT want.

just forum based

a minni-game like a racing or riding game

a horse that does not move, or is just an image.

costs money/isnt trustwothy/asks for personal info

an unreal pink pony that never grows up.

the feelings are just stated like “your horse needs exercyse”or “you fed your horse an apple, horse gained 4enargy” and the like.

i want a semi realistic game in which horces can breed and/or collect females for a herem and stuff


if no such game exists will someone tell me how to make my own online game with a CONTRLABLE and ANIMATED horse!

Denny answers:

This is a pretty strict set of criteria. Finding something like this online is going to be difficult, you’d be better off looking for a console game.
Actually making a game like this would be a challenge for a seasoned Flash programmer. You’d need to study it pretty extensively to be able to do this.

Mandy asks…

How do you quickly teach a horse to barrel race?

My horse is 14 years old, and I’m just teaching him games, because he is a pleasure horse. He’s very slow, but it’s okay because he is just learning. I’m starting to go to more shows these days, and I was wondering what the best way would be to teach my horse to barrel race and turn better around the barrels?
Thankies! ^^

Denny answers:

You can’t quickly teach a horse anything it takes time and patience.
But to help train him you can set three barrels( or buckets or anything noticable to him really) in a cloverleaf pattern like the actual pattern. Then you can start by walking the helps to stop before you turn while you are walking or trotting so the horse learns to collect itself while you are running in competition. Then after your horse masters at a walk speed him up to a trot and so on. Flexing the horses neck also helps him to get flexible for the turns.and try reading the magazine horse and rider or at least get yours hands on the magazine barrel horse news because they have loads of info and training tips that might help.

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